Injury Claim for Nurse Assaulted and Injured at Work in West Yorkshire

Mrs H was a bank nurse who was living in Honley, near Holmfirth, West Yorkshire when she was the victim of an assault at her place of work.

The incident occurred during an accident at work when she was assisting a Health Care Assistant with a patient at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. The patient was aggressive and unsteady on his feet.

As she was putting him back to bed, the patient grabbed hold of our client’s left hand, pulling and twisting it and causing serious physical injury causing her tendon damage and a ganglion causing her to undergo 3 operations.

She required physiotherapy which even afterwards caused her to have limited function in her left hand. She also sustained significant psychological injury/mental trauma and significant scarring and sensitivity in the injury site.

How was Mrs H affected by the injury?

Mrs H had been involved with nursing for most of her adult life. She was working as a Bank nurse and was in her late forties when the accident occurred.

A married mother of 2 children, Mrs H was unable to work, having to retire on the grounds of ill health and although she enjoys working she cannot pursue her hobby of swimming as her hand is now just too sore after the assault

What happened on the day of the injury?

Our client went straight to the Accident and Emergency Department as her thumb looked as if it was dislocated. Subsequent treatment involved referral to the orthopaedic clinic where she underwent surgery 3 times including plastic surgery.

She was left with residual sensitivity, especially when touched or in the cold and significant scarring.

She was unable to return to work and her employment was terminated on the grounds of incapacity.

Unfortunately, our client will not make a full recovery. She cannot carry heavy shopping and require assistance with the heavier aspects of housework; the injury is too sore to pursue her hobby of swimming.

She retired on the grounds of ill-health.

Why did she choose Grieves Solicitors to help her make the claim?

Mrs H said she selected Grieves Solicitors to pursue her claim as are we are experts in personal injury claims for accidents at work across Yorkshire.

How did Grieves Solicitors approach the claim?

The case was particularly difficult as our client’s opponents refused to accept responsibility for the accident.

In order to save our client from having to go to court, Grieves Solicitors were successful in meeting with her opponents at a Joint Settlement Meeting and negotiated an excellent settlement for her.

How was the Claim resolved?

As our client’s opponents refused to accept fault for her accident. This lengthened the time it took to obtain compensation for our client.

This meant that not only did we have to prepare the case to persuade a court that our client’s opponents were at fault but also to provide the evidence to persuade a court to award her compensation for her accident-related injuries.

It was particularly difficult to persuade our client’s opponents that her injuries were caused by the accident at work. However, Mrs H was happy to accept a five-figure sum in settlement of her claim as our client sustained both physical and psychological injuries as a result of the workplace assault.

Challenging aspects of the claim

Liability i.e. whose fault the accident was and Causation i.e. whether her injuries were caused by the workplace assault were particular issues that were challenged by her opponents.

How did Mrs H benefit from the claim?

Mrs H received the compensation she deserved for her accident-related injuries. Mrs H received compensation for the pain suffering and loss of amenity she has been left with and for her loss of earnings.

Mrs H’s thoughts on the case and Grieves Solicitors and our Solicitor, Rogan Ashton, who achieved this fantastic settlement against the odds,

“I can’t put into words how happy I truly am with Mr. Ashton and the staff.”

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