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About half of all hospital admissions for acquired brain injury, or ABI, involve a physical head injury – amounting to more than 160,000 cases each year, or roughly one every three minutes, according to statistics from the brain injury charity Headway.

Men are much more likely to be affected by traumatic head injury – accounting for about 1.6 times as many cases as women – but female head injuries are one of the fastest-growing types of brain damage case, up by 24% since 2005.

Nearly 450 people every day are admitted to hospital with head injuries, and this does not include brain damage arising from illnesses such as stroke, brain tumours and so on. If you think medical negligence may have left you or a loved one with brain damage where a direct head injury was not involved, take a look at our Brain Damage Claims page.

The team at Grieves Solicitors in Huddersfield comprise some of the most experienced and knowledgable Head Injury Solicitors in Yorkshire. Accredited by the Law Society and APIL. Our Head & Brain Injury team have achieved ‘Senior Personal Injury Litigator’ status. For any kind of Traumatic head injury claim or Acquired Brain Injury Claim, you should seek the best advice to help provide the best outcome for you and your family.

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Effects of Head Injuries

Grieves Solicitors offer services and support for all kinds of head serious injury claims, including those sustained in the workplace, but also due to any incident that occurs in a public place or is due to the negligence of a third party.

Head injuries are not only painful, they can also have lasting effects ranging from brain damage to physical disfigurement, vision impairment and other complications, and an appropriate head injury claim can help you to gain financial compensation that will cover some or all of the costs of adapting to a change in lifestyle.

The money paid out on head injury compensation claims can also go towards covering any loss of earnings, whether temporary during your recovery, or permanent due to being unable to go back to your previous job.

Of course it is not only the practical aspects of a head injury that can affect victims and their family and friends, and Grieves Solicitors understand the devastation that can be caused, especially in cases where the brain is injured; we work diligently to get the full amount of compensation you need to help with your physical and emotional recovery and long-term wellbeing.

We work on a no win no fee basis.

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You can e-mail us with any enquiries, even if you are not yet sure of whether you want to make a head injury compensation claim, or call us on 0800 0747 644 for more advice - we can take enquiries from family and friends, especially if the victim is still in recovery.

Causes of Head Injuries

There's an endless list of causes behind head injury compensation claims, and as mentioned incidents can occur in the workplace, in public and anywhere where a third party's negligence puts you at risk.

Falling objects present a risk of fractured skulls and blunt force trauma; injuries can be sustained during an individual's own fall from height; poorly maintained equipment or a lack of workplace training can also raise the level of risk.

Not all head injury cases will involve long-term brain damage, and not all brain injuries are of the same severity, but where there is lasting damage or visible disfigurement, we can make sure you get the compensation that takes into account the permanent effects of your injury.

Are Head Injuries Always Visible?

Traumatic head injuries often involve visible symptoms - bruising and swelling of soft tissue, deformity of the skull and other structures on the face and head, or lasting effects like muscular paralysis.

However, not all traumatic head injury is immediately visible, and if you are in an incident like a car crash where you experience rapid deceleration, you may suffer brain damage due to concussion, or damage to the nerves in your neck and head.

Open wounds are visually more alarming but can range in severity, and if you think a past head injury may have left more lasting damage than was first diagnosed, it's important to start a head injury claim as soon as possible.

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What Compensation Will I Receive?

If your head injury claim is successful, your legal costs will be paid by your opponent. Any legal costs not covered by your opponent will be deducted from the compensation awarded to you. Grieves Solicitors offer legal services for head injury compensation claims on a no-win, no-fee basis.

The precise sum will depend on the nature of the injury sustained, and typically larger amounts will be paid for permanent injuries or significant lifestyle changes, such as being unable to return to work.

You may be awarded a sum that combines multiple elements, for example, loss of earnings, lost welfare and benefits, any medical costs you have incurred, and long-term care costs during your recovery or for the future.

Upfront and Interim Payments

When you suffer a severe head injury, the loss of earnings and start of medical/care costs can be immediate - so it's crucial that you get upfront and interim payments of compensation where possible.

However, because of the complexities of head injury claims and related brain damage claims, it can take a long time for a final decision to be made about who was responsible and the level of any compensation to be paid.

If the responsible party has admitted that they were at fault, it can be much easier to secure an upfront compensation payment even before the case has been finalised - helping to cover the immediate costs of any treatment and care you may need, and loss of earnings in the short term.

Why choose Grieves Solicitors?

With over 20 years of experience, we are a leading practice of Serious Injury Solicitors in Huddersfield.

We're proud of our friendly and professional service, our excellent record of success and the settlement amounts we have secured for our clients.

We specialise in helping the victims of head injuries to claim compensation to ensure they can pay for medical care, bills incurred during a period spent out of work and any alterations to their homes necessary as a result of their accident.

We act for clients on head injury compensation claims cases across Yorkshire and throughout the North West including Huddersfield, Halifax, Bradford, Dewsbury, Wakefield, Brighouse and Rochdale.  As a recognised personal injury law firm we can support your needs wherever you live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Start Your Head Injury Claim

As mentioned, we welcome all enquiries, whether you are the victim, or want to ask about starting a head injury claim on behalf of a victim who is still currently recovering from the incident.

Grieves Solicitors only provide no-win, no-fee head injury compensation claims, so you will not face a financial risk for starting a claim.

Make a free, no obligation claim enquiry now by calling us free on 0800 0747 644 or completing our Free Online Enquiry and let us explain your rights and your options.

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