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Agricultural Vehicle Accident Claims & Farm Vehicle Injury Compensation

Farming can be a dangerous job with its consistent use of various types of equipment, machinery, and vehicles. Numerous health and safety problems on a farm arise from machinery and vehicles thus an employer must maintain safe work practices and provide appropriate training and supervision. The employees should also take reasonable care to avoid injury, this is to ensure that they do not place the health and safety of any third party at risk.

Common farming vehicles such as fork-lift trucks, tractors, 4×4 vehicles, quad bikes and combine harvester can lead to accidents when they collide with another vehicle or object, or if they overturn. Accidents such as this can cause a wide range of injuries from whiplash and fractures to the loss of limbs. It is vital that all farming vehicles are safe to use and pose no hazard to anyone’s health as well as being appropriate for their specific jobs.

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CE marked vehicles

The agricultural industry can be a dangerous place to work in as it can result in many serious types of accidents and injuries. A report conducted by the HSE, annually around 14,000 workers within the agriculture sector sustain injuries at work across the UK. The Health and Safety at Work legislation requires that any new machine, vehicle or farming equipment must be marked with ‘CE’.

This mark means that each vehicle or machine has been built to minimum legal safety requirements. Employees should have a workshop manual and information regarding noise levels. If the noise levels are above the acceptable legal levels, the managers should provide protection for those who will be using the machinery or equipment.

Examples of farming or agricultural vehicles include

Farming vehicles can be dangerous if proper use and maintenance practices are not followed correctly. Examples of common farming vehicles include:

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  • Tractors
  • Fork-lift trucks
  • 4X4 vehicles
  • Quad bikes
  • Mowers
  • Rotary and flail mowers
  • Dumper trucks
  • Combine harvesters
  • Round balers
  • Forager harvesters

Common causes for farm vehicle accidents

Some common causes of serious injuries in farming involve the moving and overturning of vehicles. There are a number of health risks when working with farming vehicles as well as numerous causes which could be avoided. These include:

  • Vehicles which are not properly maintained or repaired.
  • The equipment is defective or dangerous.
  • Not read or understood the instruction manual of the vehicle being used.
  • Did not check for any bystanders when maneuvering a vehicle.
  • Not familiar with the ground which working on.
  • Manager fails to carry out a risk assessment on the farm vehicle.
  • Inadequate maintenance or inspection management.
  • Incorrect or lack of training on the use of farming equipment/ agricultural tools e.g. driving a tractor.

Consequences of farm accidents and agricultural accidents

The accidents caused by farm or agricultural work varies significantly.  if you have suffered a minor farm injury, no matter how significant the injury may be, there may still be financial loss or loss of earnings due those injuries, then you are entitled to claim Farm Accident & Injury Compensation.

Where injuries are more serious in nature, victims may also require on-going care and treatment in the form of rehabilitation, surgery or physiotherapy. In some cases, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for certain psychological symptoms is also required depending on the circumstances of the case and the impact it has had on an individual’s life.

Claiming compensation after a farm vehicle accident

On the farm, hazardous conditions that may lead to vehicle accidents can arise from different issues. We are a specialist personal injury firm with vast experience in dealing with serious personal injuries and accidents. Grieves specialist solicitors will be happy to discuss your case during an initial consultation.

We can offer you the best legal support and guidance required to bring about a farm accident compensation claim, as well as arrange rehabilitation and treatment programmes to aid your recovery from your injuries.

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