6 Ways to Find the Right No Win No Fee Law Firm

In this article, we’ll show you six ways to find the right law firm.

Solicitors often charge high fees for legal services, so finding an affordable Solicitor is important. We’ll show you how to find a good no win, no fee Solicitor.

  1. Ask family and friends for recommendations


You can ask friends and family members for recommendations. If you’re looking for a Divorce Solicitor, ask them who they recommend. If you need a Criminal Defence Solicitor, ask them who’s handled similar cases before. If you need a Personal Injury Solicitor then you can ask if they know of one who they would recommend.


If they have not been in an accident they may recommend the last solicitor they used when they bought their house.  This may not be a good idea as personal injury law is a complex branch of law and is completely different from the law involved in buying a house. This Solicitor may not know anything about personal injury.  It is always a good idea to instruct a Specialist Personal Injury Solicitor


  1. Check with APIL


The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers will have a list of Solicitors who specialize is personal injury claims and therefore if you chose a Personal Injury Solicitor off their list you can be assured that they do have a good knowledge of this area of law.  There are different levels of membership and that depends on the number of years’ experience that the Solicitor has in running personal injury claims.


  1. Check if your Solicitor is on the Law Society Personal Injury Panel


Here again the Law Society assesses that Solicitors have the experience to be on their panel.  What this means is that they can have to pass a test almost like a written exam where the Solicitor will submit details of their firm’s procedures when running a personal injury case and also some samples of cases they have run.  To be successfully admitted to the Panel does not just mean paying a fee to join.  The Law Society Panel Assessor will review all the documents submitted and decide if the Solicitor has enough experience to be admitted to their panel and if successful will be awarded this important kitemark.  The Solicitor will receive a Certificate and will have to be re-assessed every 3 years.


Helen Grieves, who is a Specialist Personal Injury Solicitor and Head of our Personal Injury Team has been re-accredited 5 times to the Law Society Personal Injury Panel.  She can be contacted for a free chat on freephone 0800 074 7644 or email her at helen.grieves@grieves-solicitors.co.uk.


  1. Check out local legal Website

There are several legal websites on Google.   These sites will help you narrow down your options based on what they say.  Now it is possible to instruct a Solicitors firm from any part of the country in this digital age.  Zoom meetings have become the norm and are very easy to set up and mean that you do not have to meet your Solicitor in the flesh.  However, you may wish to instruct a local firm so you can pop in and see your Solicitor and meet them face to face. You can do this by checking out local legal websites.


  1. Experience


Does your Personal Injury Solicitor have enough experience of cases such as yours?  Have they dealt with similar cases and been successful?  Although not all personal injury cases are the same it is best to have a Solicitor who has dealt with similar cases if you are have had a brain injury for example or an accident at work causing life changing injuries.  All our Personal Injury Solicitors have had many years’ experience of dealing with personal injury claims because our firm is a Specialist Firm and we do not dabble in any other area of law but only deal with personal injury claims.


  1. Call Them And See What They Say About Themselves


If you do decide to hire a Solicitor, make sure you call them first. You should ask questions about their background, what kind of cases they handle, how much they charge, and whether they accept new clients.


Do they deal with Personal Injury Cases on a no win, no fee basis which means that you do not have to pay any upfront charges?


Do you think you will get on with the Solicitor who is dealing with your claim? This is really important because you will need to be able to talk to that Solicitor about absolutely everything about the way your life has been affected by this accident.  Sometimes this will involve talking to them about quite personal aspects of your life so that they fully understand what you have been through.  This is so they can achieve the maximum amount of compensation for you.  If you do not get on with your Solicitor and do not feel they understand how your life has been affected by your accident this means that they may not achieve the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.


We are a friendly, empathetic personal injury team at Grieves Solicitors so please give us a call free on 0800 074 7644 for a no obligation chat about how we could help you with your compensation claim.

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