Workplace Tripping Accident in West Yorkshire Factory

Mrs M is from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

We were recently instructed by Mrs M to deal with a claim arising from an accident at work in a Yorkshire factory.

What happened in the accident?

Mrs M slipped on a wet surface on a walkway leading to the warehouse where she worked which was not cordoned off. There was no sign warning of the danger/leak on the walkway or on its environs.   Mrs M was not wearing safety shoes as her job was office-based and at the time of her accident it wasn’t mandatory to wear them but safety shoes were issued to her after the accident.

What injuries did Mrs M sustain?

Mrs M  twisted her right foot causing a fracture to her right ankle and torn ligaments.

How was Mrs M affected by these injuries?

Mrs M was taken by car to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.  An x-ray confirmed that Mrs M had a soft tissue injury to her ankle and that she had broken it.  She was put in plaster for 7 weeks and required physiotherapy once the plaster had been removed.  She had also bruised her ribs.  She had to have 46 days off work as a result of her accident-related injury.  She required help from family and friends to assist with her personal care and housework for almost 4 months.  She could not drive for 10 weeks.

Unfortunately, her right ankle remains painful in cold weather and still swells.  When wearing high heels Mrs M says the pain is aggravated around her ankle.  Mrs M could not resume her exercise classes, Yoga or Pilates or do her own gardening until about a year and a half after the accident.

Why did she choose Grieves Solicitors to help her make her claim?

Mrs M was an existing satisfied client of Grieves Solicitors and chose to re-instruct us to assist her in this claim due to the success of the claim we had already dealt with previously.

Were there any unique challenges with this case?

Mrs M’s opponents initially denied liability for her accident stating that the area where she slipped was not wet at the time of her accident and that Mrs M was wearing unsuitable shoes.  This meant that not only did Grieves Solicitors have to prove the accident was her employer’s fault but also how much in compensation she should receive.

Mrs M was pleased with the result when she received a payout of five figures in compensation.

Helen Grieves of Grieves Solicitors commented on the case:

“I was pleased that after the initial denial of liability and having to issue court proceedings a successful conclusion was reached in negotiation so without having to go to court, this client obtained the compensation payout she deserved.”

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