Workplace Injury LawyersA Huddersfield Storeman is injured following an accident at work

What injuries did Mr T sustain?

Mr T instructed Grieves Solicitors to deal with a claim following an accident at work.   Mr T was employed as a Storeman by his opponents.  At the time of his accident, Mr T was engaged in sweeping up within the “stillage” area where various panels are stored.  As he did this, the panels fell/moved from one side of the stillage to another colliding with Mr T’s head causing him injury as they did so. Mr T sustained both injuries to his head and shoulder. 

The wound on his scalp healed after about 2 weeks but he had a constant headache for several weeks for which he was forced to take painkillers to obtain relief.  He also had pain over the back of his right shoulder, which was constant and exacerbated by any activity for which he also had to take painkillers.   The pain was most severe for the first 2 months and then it began to improve.  Fortunately, Mr T did not suffer any sleep disturbance, double vision, memory loss, nightmares or flashbacks which can be common with head injuries.

 How was Mr T affected by these injuries?

 Mr T managed to return to work 2-3 after his accident at work and continue working as a forklift truck driver.  However, on returning to work he could initially only carry out light duties which entailed just driving the forklift and not doing any heavy lifting.

Mr T particularly enjoys road running and prior to his accident at work would go road running every day.  It was two months following his accident before he was able to go road running.

It took 4 months following Mr T’s accident before he was fully recovered.

 Why did he choose Grieves Solicitors to help him make his claim?

Mr T was an existing client of Grieves Solicitors and chose to instruct us again to assist him in his claim due to the success of his previous claim with the firm.  Grieves Solicitors are a specialist personal injury firm who specialise in accident at work claims      If you think we can help call us free on 0800 0747 644.