Mr H asked Grieves Solicitors to help him with a personal injury compensation claim for an accident at work which occurred while he was unloading his lorry.   He fell about 2 metres from the back of his lorry.  He was an HGV Driver at the time of his accident.

What happend on the day of the accident at work?

Mr H is from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

On the day of the accident Mr H and a colleague were loading a wagon  with a  50 metre rolls of  550mm width plastic rolls. A colleague was passing these rolls to him whilst he was standing on the back of the wagon.

A layer of rolls loaded covered the full area of the back of the wagon at the time the accident occurred. A second layer was loaded covering approximately  one third of wagon.  This second layer started at the cab end. Mr H walked to the edge of second layer and stood on last roll.  This last roll collapsed and caused him to fall backwards off the back of the wagon to the floor.  The height he fell was approximately 2 metres.

What injuries did Mr H sustain in this accident?

As Mr H was falling, he hit his head on the edge of the lorry, before he somersaulted and landed on his front on the ground.  He lost consciousness momentarily and was aware  of pins and needles in both his arms and legs. An ambulance was called and he was taken to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

Huddersfield Royal Infirmary performed X-Rays and CT Scans and transferred Mr H to Leeds General Hospital where they performed an MRI Scan.  Mr H was subsequently discharged 3 days after the accident wearing a collar, which he wore for 6 weeks.

What effect did the accident have on Mr H?

Mr H experienced pins and needles, which were constant initially.  The majority of them resolved over a period of 4-5 months.  He experienced intermittent pins and needles at night ever since then.  He experienced pain which was resolved after 6 months.

He also developed pain in his lower back.  Mr H had constant pain for 6 months following the accident followed by intermittent  pain.  This pain resolved with physiotherapy approximately 11 months after the accident.

Mr H had a wound on his head which healed uneventfully within his hair and did not leave a scar.  in the first few weeks after his accident., the soreness of Mr H’s tongue, which he had bitten when the accident occurred resolved

Mr H experienced a reduction in his left-hand grip strength.

Mr H continued to feel that his arms felt weak and experienced pins and needs that woke him approximately 3 nights a month.

Mr H was aware of creaking and cracking on movement of his neck.  He estimated his neck symptoms finally improved approximately 75% compared with the level of symptoms experienced shortly after the accident.

What did Grieves Solicitors do to help Mr H?

Grieves Solicitors obtained independent Medical evidence from an Orthopaedic Surgeon and  a Psychologist.  The Psychologist recommended that our client undergo a course of  CBT to assist him in his recovery.   Mr H’s opponents paid for this CBT Treatment in addition to paying him compensation for his injuries and financial losses.

How was Mr H affected by these injuries?

 Mr H was unable to work for 2 months following his accident.  His Doctor provided him with sick notes in respect of his time off work.

The Psychologist, who Grieves Solicitor instructed, recommended that Mr H should  undergo a course of  CBT to assist him in his recovery.

Grieves Solicitors asked Mr H’s opponents to pay for this private CBT Treatment in addition to the compensation for his injuries and financial losses.

Why did he choose Grieves Solicitors to help him make his claim?

Mr H chose Grieves Solicitors to obtain compensation for personal injury and losses as a result of this accident which also had an impact on him psychologically.

How did our client benefit from instructing Grieves Solicitors?

Grieves Solicitors obtained compensation for Mr H’s physical and psychological injuries and CBT to aid his recovery.

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