Mr A came to Grieves Solicitors following a work accident at a textile mill in Huddersfield for advice about compensation. He fell down a deep waste shaft. His final position, before being helped out, was with his left leg inside and his right arm above the rim of the waste shaft.

He advised us that as he fell down the shaft, he hurt his lower back against the rim of the waste shaft.

What happened on the day of the accident?

The Ambulance services and police were called to the scene and the accident at work was recorded in the work accident book. He was taken by ambulance to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary Accident & Emergency Department. There, he was assessed and was given an X-ray of the pelvis, right hip, thoracic spine and lumbosacral spine. He was told that there were no signs of bony injuries, given painkillers and was discharged home.

As his pain did not improve, he decided to visit his GP the very next day. His GP prescribed more painkillers and referred him for physiotherapy.

Our client was on sick leave for 6 weeks followed by 3 weeks of working for 2 hours per day, followed by 2 weeks of full-time light duties. He then returned to his full-time pattern of normal duties.

How was Mr A affected by these injuries?

Prior to the accident, he worked in the textile mill as a twister but after the accident, he was given a different role covering different parts of the factory; helping and filling in for other workers.

Our client continues to have residual pain which is at its worst when he is sitting where his tolerance is, at best, 20 to 30 minutes before he has to get up and walk for some time to shake off the pain and discomfort.

When in bed he is unable to lie on his back but feels comfortable only by lying on his left side. Otherwise, he has no problem sleeping

Since the return to work, he has been off-sick on odd occasions for no more than one or two days at a time, on account of his pain.

Why did he choose Grieves Solicitors to help him make the claim?

Mr A said he selected Grieves Solicitors to pursue his claim as are we are specialists in personal injury claims for accidents at work across Yorkshire.

How did Grieves Solicitors approach the claim?

The case was particularly difficult as our client’s opponents refused to accept full legal responsibility for the accident.  To save our client from having to go to court, Grieves Solicitors were successful in negotiating an excellent settlement for him.

How was the Claim resolved?

As our client’s opponents refused to accept full responsibility for his accident this lengthened the time it took to obtain compensation for our client.  This meant that not only did we have to prepare the case to persuade a court that our client’s opponents were at fault but also to provide the evidence to persuade a court to award him compensation for his accident-related injuries.  However, Grieves Solicitors successfully negotiated a settlement for Mr A for the injuries he sustained in his work accident which covered both the injuries the accident caused.

Challenging aspects of the claim

His opponent’s failure to accept legal responsibility early in the claim and the fact that his opponent’s company went into liquidation.  This was merely a technical problem as his opponents were insured.

How did Mr A benefit from the claim?

Mr A received the compensation he deserved for his work accident-related injuries. Mr A received compensation for the pain suffering and loss of amenity he has been left with and for his loss of earnings.

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