Huddersfield Pedestrian Claim

Miss M was a 56-year-old pedestrian from Huddersfield who was injured early one morning, as she crossed the road in Newsome, Huddersfield.

What happened on the day of the accident?

Miss M told us that on the morning of her accident, she was walking along the pavement on Lawton Street, Huddersfield, when a car cut the corner and drove onto the pavement.  She was hit by the car and knocked to the floor. She lost consciousness for a few minutes.

How was Miss M affected by the injury? 

On regaining consciousness, she felt immediate pain in her left hip and left shoulder. She felt pain from an old back pain which felt much worse than before the accident. As a result of her injuries, she was taken by ambulance to the Accident & Emergency Department of Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

She didn’t have any neck pain and was able to get up from the pavement, but she was complaining of pain in her left shoulder, left hip and left thigh.  She felt a heaviness in her chest.  She was given paracetamol by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to help with the pain.  Unfortunately, she already had a past medical history of sciatica, Type 2 diabetes, depression and hypertension.

At the hospital, an x-ray of the left hip showed no obvious broken bones and so she was sent home and advised to try walking on the injury.

How was Miss M affected by these injuries?

Miss M said that she had constant pain in her left shoulder. It was not relieved by painkillers but was relieved by ice packs and later by treatment sessions from an osteopath. Grieves Solicitors were able to obtain the cost of these treatment sessions from her opponents in addition to compensation for the pain and suffering she experienced from her injuries.  The pain was most severe for the first 4-5 months before it began to improve.

Miss M normally had constant pain in her back with sciatica radiating down her left leg. This pain had been made much worse by the accident but after 4-5 months began to improve.    She had severe symptoms for the first 4-5 months.

Miss M had difficulty sleeping because of problems getting comfortable in bed for the first 4-5 months. Fortunately, she did not have any psychological symptoms from the accidents such as nightmares or flashbacks.

Miss Mi has not worked for many years as she had stayed at home to look after her children so she did not claim any loss of wages although she would not have been able to work because of the injuries she got from the road traffic accident.

Miss M had no specific leisure activities which were affected by the accident.

Miss M normally did all her own housework but she was unable to do any housework for the first four months, so she was able to make a claim for the time friends and relatives helped her.  She didn’t drive but was unable to travel by bus because of her injuries so was able to make a claim for taxi fares.

Why did she choose Grieves Solicitors to help her make the claim?

Miss M had found Grieves Solicitors by searching on the internet and completed a free, no-obligation enquiry form on our website.  She was then contacted by one of our experienced and dedicated Road Traffic Accident Personal Injury Solicitors about how she could make a compensation claim.

How was the Claim resolved?

The claim was particularly difficult as our client’s opponents initially refused to accept full responsibility for the accident.  To save our client from having to go to court, Grieves Solicitors were successful in negotiating an excellent settlement for her.

How did Miss M benefit from the claim?

Miss M received the compensation she deserved for her accident-related injuries. Miss M received compensation for the pain suffering and loss of amenity as well as other losses such as taxi fares and travelling expenses and the cost of private osteopathy treatment.

If you have been injured at a Pedestrian, Driver or Passenger in a car, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free, no-obligation chat with one of our Road Traffic Accident Solicitorsat Grieves Solicitors, one of Yorkshire’s leading Serious & Personal Injury Claim firms to find out if you have a compensation claim.  Mrs M did and was extremely happy with our professionalism, staff contact, legal knowledge and expertise and said she would have no hesitation in recommending us to friends and relatives.  Her comments were as follows:

“Thank you very much!  I am very happy with your service. As I was very poor to explain and enable for everything, you did every possible for me with very kind.  At that stage thank you very much again.”