Pedestrian injury compensation claim Newsome, Huddersfield.

Grieves Solicitors make a successful Pedestrian accident claim on behalf of an expectant mother.

Pedestrian accidents can have disastrous consequences for their victims and during the early hours of a summer’s day, a local resident of Newsome, Huddersfield was involved in a distressing accident on her way to work.

Miss M was a pedestrian; she intended to cross the street to continue with her journey to work. She checked for traffic on the road and once it was clear she started to cross over to the other side.

As she approached the opposite pavement, approximately two-thirds in, from the corner of her eye she had seen a blue car heading her way. The car was coming straight for her and too fast for her to do anything and so the car hit her on her left thigh. She fell onto the bonnet hitting her head upon impact.

A serious concern for the health of her unborn child:

There were no witnesses and once the emergency services had arrived she was taken by ambulance to the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary to be checked over. Given that our client was at the time pregnant and expecting her first child, she was extremely concerned about the health of her unborn child and the consequences the accident could have had on her baby.

Riddled with concern, our client was informed she had sustained various cuts and bruises and in particular sustained severe bruising to her left leg where the car had hit her and threw her up onto the bonnet. Miss M was extremely concerned about the possible repercussions to her pre-existing rheumatoid arthritis and her unborn child leaving her both distressed and in pain.

Miss M worked for a local supermarket at Shorehead, Huddersfield and at a church in Lindley. However, as a result of the injury Miss M had to have time off work and lost earnings as well as suffering pain from her injuries.

Our client usually did all the housework at home which she shared with her partner and due to her accident related injuries she was unable to do any housework for 3 weeks. Her partner had to step in which was inconvenient to both of them.

How Grieves Solicitors helped

Miss M approached Helen Grieves of Grieves Solicitors to represent her; Helen Grieves painstakingly fought to obtain a settlement which for her which not only helped to compensate her for the pain and suffering from her injuries and loss of earnings but also alleviated her financial burdens after the birth of her first child.

Helen Grieves’ persistence and dedication paid off and she obtained a settlement of £6,500 by obtaining an early admission of fault from the car driver which hit her and by painstakingly reconstructing our client’s loss of earnings claim. She collected wage slips from her employers to prove her claim and a detailed statement from her partner in support of her claim for the care her partner had undertaken due to her accident-related injuries. The claim was settled just in time before the birth of her first child.

Miss M has since had her baby and we, at Grieves Solicitors, wish them all the best for their future life together.

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