How was Mrs C affected by the injury?

Mrs C had an accident at the nursing home she was due to live in, in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. She was attending the nursing care home with her son for the purpose of assessing its suitability for respite care.

Mrs C was in the process of entering through the front door of the Care home whilst using her Zimmer frame when the electronic door closed on her knocking her to the ground causing her injuries.

After the accident, whilst she was still there, the doors were opened and the same thing happened to the Manager of the care home.

The Claimant’s son, Mr C, explained that that was precisely what had happened to his mother.  The door had moved, and then despite the presence of his mother in its path, continued on its path and knocked her to the ground.

It came to the attention of the client that there had been a number of issues/problems with the doors prior to her accident taking place.

What happened on the day of the accident?

Mrs C had to be attended by both the care home staff and subsequently paramedics before being taken from the scene by ambulance to the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

At Huddersfield Royal, she was assessed as having a fractured left proximal femur (hip) and needed to undergo an operation.

How was Mrs C affected by these injuries?

Mrs C was already a frail elderly lady with medical problems and unfortunately was in and out of the hospital on a frequent basis following the accident albeit the accident did not shorten her life.

Why did the family choose Grieves Solicitors to help her make the claim?

The family selected Grieves Solicitors to pursue this claim as Grieves Solicitors are care home solicitors and specialise in personal injury claims in Yorkshire and have dealt with several care home negligence cases successfully on a no win, no fee basis.

How did Grieves Solicitors approach the claim?

The case was particularly difficult as our client’s care home opponents refused to accept legal responsibility for the accident and that they had a duty of care towards Mrs C.     However, to save our client from having to go to court, Grieves Solicitors were successful in negotiating an excellent settlement for our clients care home injuries.

How was the Claim resolved?

As our client’s opponents refused to accept full legal responsibility for this accident which lengthened the personal injury process and the time it took to obtain compensation for our client.  This meant that extra work had to take place to prepare the compensation claim to persuade a court that our client’s opponents were at fault and to provide the evidence needed to persuade a court to award her compensation for the injuries the accident caused her.  However, Grieves Solicitors successfully negotiated a settlement for Mrs C for the injuries she sustained in her personal injury claim which covered the physical injuries she sustained.

Challenging aspects of the claim

The attitude of the insurance company is dragging out the claim by not admitting legal responsibility early in the case but paying out compensation in the end.  The case was not straightforward as unfortunately, Mrs C died during the claim and instructions were obtained from her sons, one of which lived abroad.

How did Mrs C benefit from the claim?

The estate of Mrs C received the compensation she deserved for her personal injury claim. Mrs C’s compensation pay-out included not only compensation for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity she experienced from her accident injuries but also money to compensate for travel costs in transporting her to hospital and for her sons to visit her in hospital.

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