Compensation for Elderly lady Arm Injury in Blyth

What Happened?

Mrs C, an 85-year-old retired resident of Lindley (Huddersfield), was faced with a distressing incident at a service station near Blyth. Our client had been on a short break to Folkestone and was travelling from her trip.

On the way back to the coach Mrs C was struck from behind by a large trolley load of doughnuts which knocked her over. The third party had claimed to not have seen her. The opponent’s employee had failed to carry out the task he was carrying out for the defendant in a manner that did not endanger the safety of the claimant. He had failed to keep an adequate lookout, control of the trolley and ensure that it did not hit any persons present.

Unfortunately due to the incident, Mrs C had sustained many injuries, the wounds included various soft tissue injuries including left arm trauma resulting in restricted movement. There was severe bruising on her left arm and shoulder, as well as impact to the left side of the chest, bruising to the ribs, contusions to the face, black eye, bruising to both the cheekbones, bruising to both right arm and both knees.

How we helped

As imagined, the injuries had an overwhelming impact upon the victim. Our lovely client was compensated with a four-figure sum for her injuries.

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