An Elderly Gentleman from Huddersfield injured his foot whilst visiting a café. 

 How was Mr M affected by the injury?

Mr M was a 72 year old gentleman from Huddersfield who was injured whilst visiting a café bar.

What happened on the day of the accident?

On the afternoon of the accident Mr M was inside a  coffee bar. After he had finished his coffee, he stood up.  Unfortunately, he stood on a nail, which was  sticking up through the floor of the cafe. The nail went into through his shoe into his left big toe. Afterwards, he was in immediate  pain.    As a result of his injuries he attended the Accident & Emergency  Department at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

How was Mr M affected by these injuries?

Mr M suffered a puncture wound to his left big (Great) toe  as a result of standing on a nail in a coffee shop. Afterwards, this became  infected. Also, he had severe pain for the first two weeks.  As a result, he required several courses of antibiotics including intravenous therapy.

Why did he choose Grieves Solicitors to help him make the claim?

Mr M said he selected Grieves Solicitors to pursue his claim as Grieves Solicitors are experts in personal injury claims for public liability accidents  across Yorkshire.  In addition, Grieves Solicitors had been personally recommended to him.

How did Grieves Solicitors approach the claim?

The case was particularly difficult as our client’s opponents refused to accept full legal responsibility for the accident.  To save our client from having to go to court, Grieves Solicitors were successful in negotiating an excellent settlement for him.

How was the Claim resolved?

After hard fought negotiation with our client’s opponents, they admitted full responsibility for our client’s accident.  Firstly, this meant we did not have to prepare our client’s case for court.  Secondly, we did not need to persuade a court that our client’s opponents were at fault.  thirdly, we did not need to provide the court with medical evidence to persuade a court to award him compensation for his injuries.  However, Grieves Solicitors successfully negotiated a  settlement for Mr  M for the injuries he sustained in his accident.

Challenging aspects of the claim

The accident circumstances were somewhat unusual and the injury was not something that is expected when you visit down in a cafe for coffee.

How did Mr M benefit from the claim

Mr M received the compensation he deserved for the injuries he received in the accident.

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