Accident at work lifting sofa
Accident at work moving sofa

West Yorkshire Work Accident Claim from Delivery Driver

Mr A came to our offices after having been injured in an accident at work.  Grieves Solicitors had been recommended to him. He was a 46-year-old man from st Yorkshire. He was employed as a driver for a large Sofa Company.

The circumstances of the accident were that Mr A was delivering a sofa for this company. He walked backwards, down the drive with the sofa, and fell down a pothole on the customer’s drive. He suffered a soft tissue injury to his knee.

Our client received treatment for the injuries at the A & E Department of Huddersfield Royal Infirmary the day after the accident occurred and required 9 weeks off work as a result of this accident

He chose Grieves Solicitors to assist him to obtain the compensation he was rightfully owed for both his personal injury (pain, suffering and loss of amenity) and his financial losses covering his loss of earnings, the cost of the personal care and assistance provided to him by his family and friends.

He also received payment from his opponents for the cost of his mother doing his housework, and assistance in looking after his young daughter when she came to visit him. He was unable to do any of this himself as a result of his injuries.

He also received the cost of travelling to attend medical appointments.

Whilst the Claim was submitted on the EL/PL Government Portal the claim exited due to his opponent stating they needed further time to investigate. This is quite a common tactic opponents use to delay the claim before they will admit responsibility.

His opponents delayed for 18 months before admitting responsibility for this accident  However, in the meanwhile, Grieves Solicitors were gathering all the evidence needed to obtain an excellent settlement for Mr A. This means that a week after liability was admitted Grieves Solicitors were ready to accept the defendant’s offer in compensation.

Mr A was recommended to us by a former client within weeks of his accident and following the successful conclusion and pay-out for his Accident at Work Injury Claim rated us as excellent in his client satisfaction questionnaire for staff contact, responsiveness, professionalism, legal knowledge and expertise and quality and would recommend us to others.

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