Accident at WorkOver £25,000 Settlement for an Accident at Work in Halifax, Yorkshire

Mr P was a 63-year-old man from West Yorkshire who sustained a head injury whilst working as a Pipe Fitter in Halifax. The incident occurred when Mr P was working as a Pipe Fitter for his employer. He was walking through the Pipe Department when he had to step around debris that had been left in the walkway by someone else when his head made contact with the hook of a crane that had been left over a designated walkway at head height.

The crane was black and not visible against a dark background.  He was unconscious until the paramedics arrived on the scene to take him to the hospital.

What injuries did Mr P sustain?

  • A 4-inch scar to the right-hand side of his head.
  • Concussion and/or head injury
  • Bruising to head, left shoulder and left arm
  • Headaches
  • Nightmares
  • Psychological injuries

How was Mr P affected by this injury?

Unfortunately, he was unable to work as a result of the head injury and initially his change in personality from the head injury caused depression which affected his marriage and he lost contact with many of his friends.

He was attended to by paramedics at the scene and received treatment for the injuries from his GP and attended a local Psychological Therapy team for his post-traumatic stress disorder. As a result of this, we obtained medical evidence from a Consultant in Accident and Emergency Medicine and also a Consultant Psychologist.

Why did he choose Grieves Solicitors to help him make his head injury claim?

He was walking past the office when he saw our sign and realised that Grieves Solicitors was a specialist in Personal Injury Claims

Were there any unique challenges with this case?

During the course of this case, Defendant went into Administration and we had to liaise with the Administrators when issuing the case.

How was the case resolved?

Liability was admitted in this case but as settlement could not be achieved Grieves Solicitors issued Court Proceedings on Mr P’s behalf.

The value of Mr P’s claim took his case into the Multi-Track (over £25,000) and there was a preliminary Court Hearing so a Court timetable could be agreed upon. Shortly after this, the case was settled.

How did Mr P benefit from the claim?

He chose  Grieves Solicitors as Personal Injury claim specialists in Huddersfield, to assist him in obtaining the compensation he rightfully was owed for both his personal injury (pain, suffering and loss of amenity) and his loss of earnings, cost of private physiotherapy treatment he had sought to assist his recovery and travel costs paid out in attending various appointments (special damages).

Our client’s comments on Helen Grieves and her team:

“Great service from a great team thank you.  SP”