Food Processing Workplace injury Claim Huddersfield

Mr B is from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. He instructed us to deal with a claim following an accident at work.

Mr B was working as a Food Factory Operator at the time of his accident.

Mr B was asked by his Supervisor, to move 2 pallets of sauté potatoes. To do this Mr B had to enter the freezer room.

It was very rare for Mr B to go into the freezer room as he normally dealt with the paperwork. Mr B  was not aware that the freezer door was broken. Mr B  tried to open the door to the freezer room when he felt a sharp pain at the side of his groin. The door did not open so he tried again.

Mr B asked another employee how to get into the freezer room as the door would not open. Mr B was told by that colleague that he used the electric power truck to hit the door from the side to get the door to start to open. This colleague also confirmed that the issue with the door had been reported on a number of occasions but it had never been fixed.

Mr B suffered a trauma injury to his lower abdomen/groin area.

Liability was admitted within 30 days from submitting the claim and an offer made to settle his claim before medical evidence could be obtained, which the Claimant accepted against our advice to personal circumstances not related to the accident

Why did he choose Grieves Solicitors to help him make his claim?

Mr B was recommended to us by a neighbour who had previously used our services.

Mr B rated us as excellent for staff contact, responsiveness, delivery, legal knowledge and overall.  He commented that he would recommend us to family and friends and when asked to comment how we could improve our service he stated “Don’t change anything.”

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