Electrician Work Injury Claim West Yorkshire, Huddersfield

Mr S was a 52-year-old man from West Yorkshire who was injured whilst working as an Electrician in Huddersfield.

The circumstances of the accident were that  Mr S was working as an electrician and in the course of his employment was carrying out work at site electrical installations: when he slipped due to a metal plate that was not affixed and he ended in going partially down a hole that the plate was supposed to cover and a letter of claim was sent to Mr S’s employers.

A description of our client’s injuries is as follows: –

  • Scratched/laceration left shin
  • trauma injury to both knees and general trauma.

Unfortunately, Mr S already had a “dodgy” right knee as he told us.  He had had a partial knee replacement prior to the accident but was recovering well: Mr S stated that his right knee was investigated and he was advised by his Hospital Orthopaedic Consultant that he was now going to have to undergo a total knee replacement sooner rather than later.

Our client received treatment for the injuries at the hospital and as he was already under the Orthopaedic Surgeons and they continued to look after him as a result of this accident.

Unfortunately, Mr S died during the course of the Proceedings and we had to speak with his widow to see if she was prepared to continue with this claim and she had to obtain a Grant of Probate to conclude the claim.

A “desktop” medico-legal report was obtained from an Orthopaedic Surgeon in support of Mr S’s claim. This meant the medical expert was sent Mr S’s medical records and was able to produce a report based on these due to our client’s untimely death.

Grieves Solicitors was chosen to assist the Claimant in obtaining the compensation he rightfully was owed for both his personal injury (pain, suffering and loss of amenity) and his loss of earnings, and travel costs paid out in attending various appointments following the accident (special damages).

Mr S’s opponents agreed to “deal with the claim subject to medical causation” which is a trick often adopted by Defendants which refers to the burden that an injured worker has to prove that the injury, which is a medical condition, was caused by the work accident.

Mr S instructed us 6 months after the date of the accident and the whole process took us under 3 years from the date of instruction to its successful conclusion and ultimate Mrs S’s payout for her deceased husband’s Work Injury Claim.

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