Taxi Passenger Injury Claim Huddersfield

Our client ‘Mrs N’ was a passenger in a taxi on her way to work when the taxi was struck on the passenger side by another vehicle travelling at speed at a roundabout on Queensgate, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Mrs N lived with her grown-up daughter in Huddersfield and worked in a local care home.

How was Mrs N affected by the Injury?

She initially felt mild symptoms but was lightheaded, dazed and overcome with fear. She nonetheless proceeded to the nursing home where she worked but found that the headaches, neck pain and pain in her left shoulder and upper back were too overwhelming for her to continue with her shift so she went to the Accident & Emergency Department at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, where she was treated.

She had 2 courses of physiotherapy without success and was unable to return to work at the nursing home as her work activities involved lifting and bending.

Mrs N was unable to go to the gym after the accident and has not been able to pursue this much-loved hobby since her accident. She also needed a lot of help with housework and personal care from her daughter after the accident.

In the weeks following the accident Mrs N eventually had to change her job to a less demanding physical role. She has been unable to take her driving test due to her fear of travelling by car. She has also had to rely on her daughter for taking care of household duties but faces an uncertain future with her daughter about to go to University. Mrs N now requires assistance with housework and DIY, decorating and gardening and will do for the foreseeable future.

How did Grieves Solicitors approach the claim?

Our client transferred her file from another firm of solicitors as they were not able to deal with her claim.

We challenged the claim as the previous solicitors had not investigated the value of our client’s claim fully before they had started her claim in the Low-Value Portal (which is for claims under £25,000). it was clear to us that our client’s claim was worth in excess of that figure.

How was the claim resolved?

We had to obtain additional medical evidence and seek a transfer through the courts out of this system to the Multi-track claim (for claims over £25,000) at a hearing before a Judge which we successfully achieved, to enable our client to receive the compensation she deserved.

The extent of her injuries had not been considered properly by the previous firm of solicitors who had obtained a basic report from a general doctor when a report from a spinal specialist was required.

Our Spinal Injury Specialist was able to determine the extent and duration of our client’s symptoms and whether any of these symptoms would be permanent, and, whether they would affect her future working life and need for assistance with housework.

Mrs N’s psychiatric injury of anxiety and depression needed further investigation to determine if these had been caused or aggravated by her accident with a report from a Consultant Psychiatrist.  Our detailed examination and analysis of the facts meant that Mrs N was awarded a significant 5-figure sum for her compensation claims settlement award.

Challenging aspects of the claim

The complication in her case was taking over and amending some of the work which had already been carried out by her previous solicitors to get her claim back on track so that she received the maximum compensation she deserved.

How did Mrs N benefit from choosing Grieves Solicitors?

Mrs N felt reassured from day 1 in talking through her case with Grieves Solicitors, She had confidence in the work we were doing and could see her claim move forward to a satisfactory settlement.

She received treatment for her physical injuries in the form of physiotherapy from her doctor as we advised her to mitigate her losses by helping herself to get better and a course of CBT to help with her travel anxiety.

Mrs N’s thoughts on our efforts

“I have been impressed all along. The staff explained everything to me properly in ways that I could understand. The team is very knowledgeable and I thank Grieves Solicitors for their high level of expertise. Very satisfied with all staff contact, I even receive a Christmas card each year since my claim and really felt part of the Grieves family during my claim and since.”

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