Occupiers Liability Injury Claim Derbyshire

Mr B is a 75-year-old man from West Yorkshire who was injured whilst helping with the delivery of a kitchen in the Derbyshire area.

The circumstances of the accident were that  Mr B was directed by the occupant to place the kitchen top next to a radiator in the lounge. He responded to this instruction and this resulted in him being tripped by a cable that was across the lounge floor and was exposed and plugged in close to the said lounge radiator.

This caused him to fall to the ground heavily with the kitchen worktop falling onto him.

A description of our client’s injuries was as follows:

  • Sore left side to back
  • Sore left hip
  • Ligament damage to right knee
  • Pain to the right ankle
  • Pain to wrists

Our client received treatment for the injuries at his GP and as a result of this, we obtained medical evidence from a Consultant in Accident and Emergency Medicine. This confirmed our client sustained a soft tissue injury to the left side of his back, right wrist and left knee.

He stated that the symptoms were most significant for the first 12 months and he still has residual symptoms which should settle within 6 months post report. Fortunately, there are no long term effects likely to restrict his future work or leisure interests.

Grieves Solicitors was chosen to assist the Claimant in obtaining the compensation he rightfully was owed for both his personal injury (pain, suffering, and loss of amenity) and his loss of earnings, cost of private physiotherapy treatment he had sought to assist his recovery and travel costs paid out in attending various appointments (special damages).

As the claim was against an individual then the case could not be done through the Government EL/PL portal system and a Letter of Claim had to be sent to the occupants of the house the Claimant had delivered the kitchen to.

Liability was denied throughout this case and we issued Court Proceedings before the 3rd year anniversary of the Claimant’s accident.

This claim was brought under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957.

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