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How To Claim For An Accident At Work

Injured At Work Lawyers

Figuring out how to claim for an accident at work can seem confusing at first glance. It doesn’t have to be though. Read our “How to claim for an accident at work” guide now. When injured at work, you have rights to protect you. These include the right to be properly compensated if your employer […]

Work Accident Compensation Claim

Work Accident Compensation Claim

How Do I Make A Work Accident Compensation Claim? There is a set process for how to make a work accident claim. After you get any medical assistance you need, here is what you should do: Record – make sure your accident is reported to your manager and recorded in your employer’s accident book Consult […]

Workplace Injury Lawyers

Accident At Work Claim Solicitors

What Is An Example Of A Workplace Injury Lawyers Deal With? Workplace injury lawyers are called in to handle claims for compensation following a huge variety of accidents and incidents in workplaces across the UK. But what is a good example of a workplace injury that might form the basis for a personal injury claim? […]

What Accidents Can A Work Injury Solicitor Help Me Claim For?

Work Accident Compensation Claim

What Accidents Can A Work Injury Solicitor Help Me Claim For? A work injury solicitor can help you make a claim after a huge variety of accidents in the workplace if your employer bears at least some of the responsibility. It is not impossible that your employer – or their insurance company or solicitor – […]

Injury At Work Lawyers

Injury At Work Lawyers

Injury At Work Lawyers – How To Choose Yours After an injury at work, lawyers can provide the assistance you need to make a claim and receive any compensation you might be entitled to. However, there are many personal injury solicitors out there. So, how do you choose between them? Reach out to our friendly […]

Injury At Work Solicitors

Accident at Work

Why injury at work solicitors are vital for a successful claim. If you’ve suffered an injury at work, solicitors who specialise in personal injury claims should be among the first people you speak to. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it is difficult to know whether you stand a chance of making a successful […]

What Should I Do If I Suffer A Back Injury At Work through manual handling?

Accident At Work Lawyers Near Me

What should I do if I suffer a back injury from manual handling at work? Manual handling At Work can caused severe back pain.  If you’ve suffered a back injury at work, you are not alone. Nearly half a million people in the UK are off work with musculoskeletal problems every year – and around […]

Accident At Work Solicitors

Accident At Work Solicitors

Accident at work? Our Solicitors Help You Understand Everything You Need To Know About Accident At Work Claims Are you due compensation after an accident at work? Solicitors with proven expertise in personal injury law can help you work out if you are able to make a claim. It isn’t always easy to know whether […]

Our Work Accident Claim Calculator – How Damages Work

Work Accident Lawyers

Our Work Accident Claim Calculator – How Compensation Is Calculated Our work accident claim calculator gives you a rough idea of how much compensation you could be entitled to after suffering an injury in the workplace. It is the ideal starting point for working out how much your claim might be worth. Reach out to […]