Compensation For A Back Injury At Work

Compensation For A Back Injury At Work

A back-related accident at work can have a huge effect on your life and income. For many, this means making a claim makes sense. But when it comes to compensation for a back injury at work, how much can you claim?

The most important thing to understand going in is that every case is different. The amount of compensation you are due is not fixed.

But there are certain generalisations and precedents that can help guide you in how much you might expect if you make a claim following a work-related back injury:

Can You Claim For A Back Injury At Work?

Yes. However, you only have a chance of being successful in your claim and getting compensation if you and your solicitor can show that the injury was not entirely your fault.

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Thankfully, the law recognises that your employer has a duty of care to you. This duty means they are required to provide a workplace that is as safe as possible, by doing things like:

  • Giving you proper training in how to be safe
  • Making sure you have the right safety equipment and know how to use it
  • Ensuring your colleagues are properly trained too
  • Properly maintaining equipment and cleaning the workplace
  • Carrying out risk assessments of the jobs you do

If this makes it sound like your employer could have been responsible – or at least partially responsible – for your injury, you can make a claim for a back injury you suffered at work.

If you’re not sure whether your injury will qualify, it is always worth talking to the experts. For instance, at Grieves Solicitors we have over 76 years of combined experience of personal injury law and can provide cost and commitment-free advice that’s open and straightforward.

What Is The Average Payout For A Back Injury At Work In The UK?

Because of the way compensation amounts are calculated, it can be misleading and unhelpful to talk about averages.

The average payout for a back injury at work in the UK will depend on many different factors. How severe your injury was, for instance. Or how long it took you or will take you to recover – or if recovery is even truly possible.

The exact nature of your accident and the degree of responsibility that your employer bears might also play a major role.

As a general rule though, compensation comes under two broad headings of “damages”:

  1. General damages – this is compensation for your actual injury, including any ongoing suffering you may be experiencing. More detail is provided below.
  2. Special damages – this covers the financial impact of your injury. It can include lost earnings, the cost of prescription medication, travel to and from medical appointments, any equipment you may need, and even childcare or housekeeping costs.

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Compensation For A Back Injury At Work – How Much Can I Claim?

Compensation for back injury at work will depend on the severity of your injuries, very loosely broken down into:

Minor Back Injuries

You might expect anywhere up to £12 500 compensation for minor back injuries.

On the lower end of this spectrum of severity, we might see a back injury you will recover from in three months or less. Something like a sprain or strain. This might see compensation ranging from several hundred to several thousand pounds.

At the more severe end of minor back injuries are sprains, strains, and soft tissue injuries that may take two to five years to fully recover from. This may result in the five-digit compensation above.

Moderate Back Injuries

For moderate back injuries, £12 500 to £38 750 compensation is possible.

At the lower end, this might include the sort of injury caused by regular work-related damage that disturbs ligaments or muscles.

At the upper end, this could be a compression or crush fracture that causes ongoing pain.

Severe Back Injuries

Compensation for severe back injuries might range from £38 750 to £161 000.

Serious injuries include things like soft tissue injuries and fractures that cause severe pain through to nerve damage or spinal cord injuries that cause serious pain or even incomplete paralysis.

Serious Back Injuries

The most serious back injuries might include a combination of the above symptoms and may take into account ongoing losses of earnings and an ongoing detrimental impact on your quality of life.

Though no degree of compensation can truly balance out this degree of injury, the most serious back injuries can result in compensation of up to £1 000 000.

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