Work Accident Claims Solicitors

Work Accident Claims Solicitors

How No Win, No Fee Work Accident Claims Solicitors Work

For many people who have suffered a workplace accident, the idea of legal costs can put them off contacting work accident claims solicitors. That’s where “no win, no fee” comes in.

Because the law recognises that not everyone has the savings to pay legal costs upfront – even when they have suffered an injury at work and have the legal right to make a claim for compensation.

A “no win, no fee” agreement means that you don’t have to pay your legal costs upfront. You don’t have to pay if you don’t succeed in getting compensation either.

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Here is everything you need to know about how no win, no fee works and whether it will work for you:

Can You Claim For An Accident At Work?

Firstly, it is important to know that you can claim for an accident at work if your employer was at least partially responsible for your accident or the conditions that led to it.

This is because, according to UK employment law, your employer has a “duty of care” to you. This means they are responsible for things like:

  • Giving you proper training
  • Providing proper training for your colleagues
  • Taking into account work that could make an existing condition you have worse
  • Properly maintaining equipment and the workplace environment
  • Making sure proper risk assessments have been carried out and safe working systems are in place

As you may have noticed, this means your employer may still be partly responsible for your injury if a colleague contributed to your accident or even, sometimes, if you were the only one involved.

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How No Win, No Fee Work Accident Claims Solicitors Work

“No win, no fee” is sometimes called a Conditional Fee Agreement or CFA. Just as it sounds, “no win, no fee” means that when representing you in work accident claims, solicitors who have agreed to make your claim:

  • Do not ask for payment upfront
  • Keep your financial risk at zero
  • Take a fraction of your compensation when you win your claim
  • Even if you somehow lose your claim (and most solicitors won’t advise you to go ahead unless they’re confident you will win), you won’t have anything to pay

Not all personal injury claims are covered by the law surrounding CFAs. Work accident claims are though, so it is always worth talking your situation over with an experienced lawyer who offers a no win, no fee payment structure.

Is There A Catch With No Win, No Fee?

In short, no. Many people are understandably suspicious about things that purport to be “free”. But in the case of no win, no fee agreements, this secure system exists for a very good reason:

It is your legal right to make a personal injury claim if your employer has failed in their duty of care to you.

The law acknowledges this. It also acknowledges the fact that not everyone can afford the potentially expensive legal advice required to do so.

By providing the Conditional Fee Agreement structure, the law ensures that you have the ability to make a claim to get the compensation you are legally entitled to even if you don’t have the money available right now.

What Do I Pay If A No Win, No Fee Claim Isn’t Successful?

There are no legal fees to pay even if your claim isn’t successful.

Your solicitor should also help you arrange insurance coverage for any ancillary costs. This is sometimes called After The Event (or ATE) insurance and is something most solicitors will advise because it covers all non-legal fees that might be associated with your claim.

This might include the cost of the medical appointment that evidences the extent of your injury, the defendant’s legal costs if your claim is unsuccessful, and any court fees. Any payment for this insurance again comes out of your compensation if you are successful.

There is only one reason you would ever have to pay something if your no win, no fee claim wasn’t successful. This would be if you withheld information or lied either in court or to your solicitor during the process of making the claim.

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How To Start Making A Work Accident Claim

If you are unsure about the no win, no fee process or about the strength of your work accident claim, solicitors who specialise in personal injury are always the first people you should talk to.

There is no cost or obligation to doing this – and your employer cannot penalise you for doing so. It is your legal right to make a claim if you might be entitled to compensation for an injury at work.

A firm like Grieves Solicitors – with a combined 76 years of specialist experience dealing with personal injury claims and a track record of achieving millions in compensation for deserving clients – will give you the advice you need to know how to proceed.

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Here at Grieves Solicitors, Personal Injury Specialists, we offer a no win, no fee solution to funding your claim (a conditional fee agreement) which means that you do not have to worry about legal costs and expenses.  You can read about our no win, no fee agreement here.

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