Work Accident Compensation Claim

Work Accident Compensation Claim

How Do I Make A Work Accident Compensation Claim?

There is a set process for how to make a work accident claim. After you get any medical assistance you need, here is what you should do:

  1. Record – make sure your accident is reported to your manager and recorded in your employer’s accident book
  2. Consult – with a legal expert, a specialist work accident lawyer. Especially if your employer is threatening to fire you, you should do this sooner rather than later.
  3. Collect – evidence, in the form of witness statements, a photograph of the site in question, or any CCTV footage.
  4. Assess – get an independent medical report of your injuries and their severity. This will be vital for your claim and your solicitor will insist you have one done.
  5. Keep – a work accident diary of the impact your accident has had on you. This should include the symptoms you have suffered and the financial costs of treatment (including things like transport to and from medical appointments).

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How Much Compensation Will I Get From A Work Accident?

If your claim is successful, compensation is determined on a case-by-case basis. The main factor that will be taken into account is the severity of your injury.

For example, a minor hand injury would result in compensation of somewhere up to £4750. A severe head injury, anywhere up to £282 000 – and possibly more.

Work accident compensation is usually divided into two parts:

  1. General damages – these cover your injury itself and the impact it has had in terms of pain and suffering and on your quality of life.
  2. Special damages – these cover the financial losses your accident has caused, such as loss of earnings or childcare costs while you can’t look after your children.

As with every aspect of your claim, this is something that we can advise you on before you decide to go ahead with your claim.

Can I Be Fired For Making A Work Accident Compensation Claim?

Most people worry that if they make a work accident compensation claim, their employer may fire them.

If this is the situation you are in, don’t worry. UK law has you covered.

You cannot legally be dismissed from work because you are bringing a claim following a workplace accident.

Just to underline how safe you are in investigating the possibility of making a work accident claim, here is a deeper dive into the topic:

Can I Be Fired For A Work Accident Compensation Claim?

No. There is a piece of UK legislation called the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. This lays out the “duty of care” that all UK employers have to their employees.

This duty of care means every employer has to take all reasonable steps to make sure you are working in as safe an environment as possible.

Of course, some jobs are more dangerous than others. However, the 1974 Act ensures that employers must properly assess risks and take steps to protect their team members. This can include things like providing proper safety equipment and giving you all the training you need.

Another key part of this legislation has to do with making sure you receive fair compensation for any injuries you may suffer that your employer is responsible for. The act:

• Gives you the legal right to make a workplace accident compensation claim
• Guarantees that your employer cannot retaliate against you for doing so
• Makes it illegal for your employer to treat you differently after you make a claim

If your employer does start to treat you differently after you make a claim, it will be strong grounds for a later unfair or constructed dismissal claim that could win you further compensation.

But, it is important to note that most good employers who understand the law will know that it is your legal right to make a workplace accident claim. Furthermore, they are legally required to have protections in place to protect themselves should you do so.

How Do I Make A Work Accident Compensation Claim – First Steps

If you think your employer bears at least some of the responsibility for your accident, it is well worth investigating the possibility of making a claim.

To reiterate, for those worried if they can be fired for making a workplace compensation claim:

It is your legal right to do so and your employer is legally not allowed to discriminate against you or treat you any differently if you do.

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