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Figuring out how to claim for an accident at work can seem confusing at first glance. It doesn’t have to be though. Read our “How to claim for an accident at work” guide now.

When injured at work, you have rights to protect you.

These include the right to be properly compensated if your employer has failed in their duty of care to you by not providing a safe workplace.

In 2022 alone, an estimated £1.4 billion was left “on the table” by people who could have made a personal injury claim after an accident at work but failed to do so.

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Here is how simple it can be to claim following a workplace accident and how to avoid becoming part of those statistics this year:

Do I Have Grounds For A Work-Based Compensation Claim?

The first stage in any compensation claim is to work out whether you have any grounds to make it.

You may have experienced an obvious and immediate injury as a result of your accident. Yet many people experience accidents in the workplace and then go on with their day, either “toughing it out” or not realising they are injured until later.

Some questions to ask yourself might include:

  • Has a hurt or injury I picked up at work interfered with my duties?
  • Has it stopped me from going back to work?
  • Have I had to take time off to recover?
  • Have I received any treatment or medication as a result?
  • Is my injury the result of long-term or “occupational” harm?

If you have any doubts, the easiest solution is always to ask an expert. With over 76 years of combined experience in personal injury claims, Grieves Solicitors can always advise you as to your grounds for making a claim – we do so with no fee or commitment.

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How To Claim For An Accident At Work

1) Know What You Need To Prove

The process for how to claim for accident at work in all industries relies on being able to prove that:

  1. You did not bear blame for the incident (or, at least, not entirely)
  2. The incident is the result of your employer’s actions or inaction

It is important to understand that your employer’s responsibilities include things like making sure you and your colleagues receive proper training (including safety training).

If your employer doesn’t provide this and you were injured as a result, they can be said to bear responsibility.

To prove this, you will need evidence.

2) Make Sure Your Incident Is Recorded

Evidence will be vital in achieving a successful work-based compensation claim. To collect it, you will need to:

  1. Record your incident in the accident book – every UK workplace is obliged by law to keep an accident book. If you are not sure your employer has recorded yours in theirs, request that they do so. Preferably, in writing.
  2. Gather witness statements – if anyone witnessed your incident, make sure they write down what they saw.
  3. Keep an injury diary – a record of all the treatment you have received or medication you are taking will be the first thing to enter here. But you should also include details as to the state of your condition, symptoms, and your recovery.
  4. Track the financial impact – if your income or expenditure has been affected by your incident, record it. This can include everything from working days lost to the cost of your treatment to the cost of taxi fares to medical appointments.
  5. Photograph the scene – it can feel uncomfortable to photograph your normal workplace, but shots of the location and any obvious hazards will help your case.

All of these details will be used by your solicitor to build your claim. They will also insist that you have an independent professional medical assessment of your injuries carried out if you haven’t done so already.

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Thank you for everything Rogan and the Grieves Team for helping achieve the result we did!

3) Call In Expert Advice

At any stage in this process, it is wise to seek out good legal representation. Many firms – including Grieves Solicitors – work on a no-win, no-fee basis. This means you need to make no initial financial outlay to start making a claim.

Once you have chosen a representative, your solicitor will gather any remaining evidence and notify your employer’s insurer that you intend to make a claim. Remember that it is your legal right to do this. Your employer is not allowed to fire you or treat you differently because of it.

On occasion, this is all that’s needed to complete a claim. Your employer may admit they were at fault and your solicitor will negotiate a settlement. In some cases, court proceedings may be necessary. But most work accident claims are resolved out of court.

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