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Ask A Work Accident Lawyer: How Long Does It Take To Settle A Claim?

Your work accident lawyer will be working to progress your case from the moment you bring it to them. But realistically, how long does it take to settle a claim?

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Here is everything you need to know about the claims process and what you can do to expedite it:

What Is The Process Of Making An Accident At Work Claim?

To get a better perspective on how long a work accident claim can take to settle, it is good to understand a little about how the process works:

  1. Get a free consultation from one of our work accident solicitors – they can advise you about how strong your case is and the potential compensation you may be due.
  2. Collect the evidence – this may involve gathering statements from witnesses, photos of the site where it happened, and any evidence your employer was aware of the situation.
  3. Have a medical assessment carried out – we will have a medical expert assess your injuries, including any underlying medical conditions that may have been exacerbated by your accident.
  4. Submit your claim – we send a claim notification to your employer with the full case against them. They have three months to deny or accept responsibility and liability.
  5. Negotiate and settle – the quickest way to resolve a claim is an out-of-court settlement. If your employer does not admit responsibility, the courts will have to get involved.

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How Long Does A Work Accident Claim Take To Settle In The UK?

Every claim is different, but it can be helpful to have some approximate figures at the outset:

  1. 6-9 months – if you suffered only minor injuries and your employer admits it was their fault and you don’t have to go to court.
  2. 1-2 years or more – if your employer does not admit responsibility, your case requires an investigation, or it involves serious injuries (and thus, likely larger compensation amounts).

If you have any questions about how long you might expect your work accident claim to take, feel free to ask during your free, no-obligation legal consultation. With 76 years of combined specialist experience in personal injury claims, our friendly team can easily provide some guidance.

Why Is My Compensation Taking So Long?

Many factors affect how long a work accident claim takes to settle. These might include:

  • Whether your employer accepts it was their fault, or partially their fault
  • How severe your injuries were and if there will be a long-term impact on your life
  • If you have suffered complex or multiple injuries
  • If court proceedings are required, how long it takes the court to get to your case
  • How much and how well your employer cooperates with your solicitor

This is far from all of the factors that can affect why your compensation might take time to arrive. Unless your claim is obviously correct and your employer accepts liability, it takes time to resolve.

What Is A “Pre-Med Offer” In Workplace Compensation?

A “pre-med” or “pre-medical assessment” offer is a relatively common part of many personal injury cases. This is an offer your employer’s lawyer makes before seeing the results of your post-injury medical assessment.

As a result, this offer will not take into account the severity of your injuries and likely many other factors that would increase the amount of compensation you are due. The goal on your employer’s (or more likely, their insurer’s) part is to reduce costs.

If you want or need financial support after your injury sooner rather than later, it can be tempting to consider a “pre-med” offer. For the reasons above though, it is rarely a good idea.

How Long Does It Take For Solicitors To Pay Compensation?

After both sides in your case have settled a claim, it usually takes 14 to 28 days to receive your compensation.

Can I Receive Interim Payments?

Your lawyer to try to secure you some interim payments if you have immediate financial needs – such as medical costs – to pay.

These are made before settlement, but they only happen in certain circumstances. Usually, you will need to show you are claiming a reasonable amount for valid reasons and prove a trial is likely to decide in your favour.

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What Can I Do To Speed Up The Claims Process?

While many of the factors that slow down the claims process are out of your hands, there are definitely some things you can do to expedite things:

  1. Respond quickly to all of your work accident solicitor’s communications
  2. Provide all the information they request as swiftly as possible
  3. Keep detailed notes of what happened and how it impacts your life
  4. Go to all requested medical appointments and follow all medical advice
  5. If your solicitor or the court sets a deadline, make sure you meet it

Finally, it is possible to accept a settlement offer before you go to court if you think that offer is fair. It’s not always a good idea if you want to be awarded the maximum compensation though.

The best strategy is to be guided by your work accident lawyer’s advice. At Grieves Solicitors, for instance, we have a proven track record of hundreds of successful claims against UK companies to refer to.

We provide all of our clients with simple, straightforward advice about their compensation claim. Reach out to us now for free on 0800 0747 644 or fill in our form below to request a callback.

Here at Grieves Solicitors, Personal Injury Specialists, we offer a no win, no fee solution to funding your claim (a conditional fee agreement) which means that you do not have to worry about legal costs and expenses.  You can read about our no win, no fee agreement here.

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