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Ask An Accident At Work Solicitor: Will Hiring You Affect My Job?

After an accident at work, a solicitor might be one of the first people you want to speak with. But many people who could be entitled to compensation don’t reach out, simply because they fear their job may be affected if they try to make a claim.

There are a few important points to make here. Firstly, it is illegal for your employer to dismiss you if you make a claim of workplace negligence against them. It is your right to do so.

Secondly, any work accident solicitor has a duty of confidentiality toward you. They’re obligated to ensure your privacy – even if you don’t go on to hire them.

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Here is everything you need to know about your rights after an accident at work and how a solicitor will retain your privacy while working to ensure you get the compensation you deserve:

I Had An Accident At Work – What Are My Rights In The UK?

Several parts of UK employment law (mainly the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974) cover accidents at work and the rights of employees relating to them.

The most important is that you have the right to make a personal injury claim if your employer was negligent in their duty of care for your “health, safety, and welfare” (according to the law).

This duty of care is present in every workplace in the UK. Even if your job is temporary or in a higher-risk industry, your employer is required to take measures to create a safe working environment.

If your employer has failed to do some of the following, they may bear at least some of the responsibility for your accident:

  • Provided the necessary training, equipment, or safety gear for your work
  • Done proper risk assessments of the tasks you will complete
  • Kept a safe workplace, taking into account things like heights and surfaces

Will Hiring A Solicitor After An Accident At Work Affect My Job?

If you want to continue working in your current role after an accident, it is natural to worry that your employer may treat you differently if you choose to claim they were negligent.

This is a common concern. But another key UK employee right says your employer is not allowed to treat you differently or discipline you in any way for doing so.

If they do demote you, start giving you bad assignments, or even fire you for making a legitimate claim, you can likely also bring claims for unfair or constructed dismissal against them.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that UK employers are required to have Employer’s Liability Insurance. This should protect them in situations like this.

Some employers may even expect you to make a personal injury claim. It is one of the ways you can be compensated for your lost earnings that also likely doesn’t financially harm your employer.

Can I Be Sacked For Having An Accident At Work?

This very much depends on whether or not the accident in question was your fault:

1) If The Fault Was Entirely Yours

If you were largely or entirely to blame for the accident, your employer will likely be able to dismiss you on the grounds of negligence or incompetence if they wish to.

2) If You And Your Employer Share Responsibility

This depends on your particular case, but it’s likely you can’t be fired for an accident if you are only partially responsible.

If you are or have been fired for an accident that wasn’t entirely your fault – perhaps your employer did provide suitable equipment but didn’t train you in how to use it – you may have options open to you, such as an employment tribunal.

If you were injured as a result of an accident where your employer bears partial responsibility, you may be able to make a claim for what is called “contributory negligence”. This may result in more limited compensation but still may be worthwhile.

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3) If The Fault Was Entirely Your Employer’s

Contacting a solicitor about your accident at work should be a high priority if you were injured as a result of an accident your employer is at fault for. You may be entitled to compensation.

There’s no commitment to exploring the possibility. For example, at Grieves Solicitors, we are always glad to provide an initial legal consultation with zero cost or obligation.

Your Accident At Work Solicitor And Confidentiality

Much like your employer has a duty of care to you, your accident at work solicitor has a duty of confidentiality.

On top of this, highly experienced specialist firms like Grieves Solicitors take additional measures to make sure you:

  • Get friendly, personal service from your own solicitor only
  • Work directly with your solicitor rather than through a claims agency or other middleman
  • Deal with a qualified solicitor (not a paralegal) every step of the way

This all means that if you have suffered an injury following an accident at work, you haven’t really got anything to lose.

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