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Laser Surgery Claims & Laser Treatment Claims

Laser surgery may be used for numerous cosmetic and even medical purposes. Depending on the aim and the type of procedure a person opts for, the treatments involve using a high strength beam to heat the cells until they separate, which displays the same result as an incision.

Most Laser treatments are meant to resolve Skin issues or to improve eyesight.

Laser Eye Surgery Negligence

Each year thousands of people turn to Laser eye surgery in the hope their eyesight will be improved and they may well have no more need for spectacles. in the UK, most cosmetic surgery procedures are performed to a high standard, but the sheer numbers of people opting for such surgery suggests that from time to time things may go wrong.

Your eyes are incredibly precious and unsuccessful or negligent laser eye surgery can lead to headaches, discomfort around the eyes, permanently blurred vision or even permanent blindness.

If you believe that your optician or eye surgeon has acted negligently and as a result, you have been left in pain, discomfort or even worse, then there are options available to you in regards to claiming compensation. Compensation can help to fund private & immediate healthcare to try to resolve any unwanted health conditions that have resulted from your initial treatment.

Risk is always involved with surgery, and those risks should have been talked through fully with you by your clinic or surgeon, but there are matters can arise due to negligence.

Common Laser Eye Surgery Claims

  • Scarring claims
  • Loss of sight claims
  • Excessive swelling, redness or soreness
  • Blistering of the eyes
  • Blurred Vision
  • Inappropriate advice regarding likely outcome

Mistakes made by a cosmetic surgeon can sometimes leave victims facing permanent consequences and emotional suffering. Of course, disappointment you may feel following negligent treatment is completely justified and you are entitled to seek justice.

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Laser Skin Treatment & Laser Hair Removal Claims  

The laser skin resurfacing technique is a procedure to remove the outer layers of the skin on the face or body to allow new skin to grow.

Cosmetic Laser surgery is most commonly used to improve the appearance of:

  • Wrinkles
  • Used to tighten skin
  • Veins (such as varicose veins and rosacea treatment)
  • Skin (including pigment issues, acne scars, etc.)
  • Excess hair
  • Removal of birthmarks and moles
  • Laser tattoo removal
  • Scarring
  • Burns/ blisters

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These procedures are often performed relatively quickly or gradually over a period and are often carried out without the requirement of anaesthetic. Despite the benefits of it commonly being a straight forward practice, there is a possibility, as with all cosmetic procedures that things can go wrong.

Unfortunately, laser cosmetic treatments are underregulated, thus expectations of professional standards do often fall short. This can often leave one dealing with painful and sometimes permanent consequences.

Making a Laser Treatment Claim

It is the accountability of the surgeon to ensure that the patient is fully aware of the risks and side effects related to laser treatments and the care which is required after the surgery.

To bring a claim forward you must prove that the surgeon was negligent, and did not provide a sufficient amount of care that could reasonably be anticipated of a competent professional.

If you believe your surgeon has been negligent then you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation. Contact Grieves Solicitors today for expert legal advice on 0800 0747 644 or fill our online claim form if you believe you have suffered laser surgery negligence.

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