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Arm Reduction Surgery Claims & Brachioplasty Surgery Claims

Age, heredity factors, and weight changes can all play a big part in upper arms sagging. A Brachioplasty or an ‘arm lift’, as it is informally recognised, is a cosmetic surgery procedure which tightens the tissue to prevent drooping and removes the excess sagging skin from the underarm.

It reshapes the upper arm by removing skin and fat and can be combined with liposuction if there is a considerable amount of excess fat, with most patients pleased with their Brachioplasty operation results. Unfortunately, when an ‘arm lift’ goes wrong due to cosmetic negligence or care which has fallen short of an acceptable standard then the patient can be left dealing with stressful consequences.

When Brachioplasty Surgery Goes Wrong:

Usually, patients tend to feel slight pain and discomfort for several weeks after their Brachioplasty procedure. The arm lift surgery also tends to leave a scar running up the back of the upper arm, which is normal. However, if the Brachioplasty procedure has gone wrong there are some key indicators of arm lift surgery negligence which include:

  • Fat necrosis (which is when the fatty deposits underneath the reconstructed skin may die).
  • An Infection.
  • Damage to the muscles and nerves in the arm causing numbness in the arm.
  • Nerve damage leading to sensation problems and pain.
  • An asymmetrical result.

If you have experienced any of the issues above, following a Brachioplasty procedure going wrong, you can contact our personal injury specialist solicitors on freeline 0800 0747 644 and utilise our expertise for your Brachioplasty negligence compensation claim.

The Bracioplasty/ Arm Lift Procedure:

  • The cut made in your arm will depend on the location and amount of excess skin there is to be removed.
  • Before the operation, the size, length, and pattern and general information should have been discussed and agreed with the Doctor.
  • Generally, the cut is made on the back of the arm as the scar will be less visible.
  • The underlying supportive tissues may be tightened and reshaped with internal joins.
  • Once the cut is stitched the wound should be dressed. The arm may be wrapped in a bandage or a compression dressing to reduce any swelling present.
  • Sometimes, a small tube can also be inserted temporarily under the skin as it helps drain out excess blood and fluid.

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