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What is a Foot Injury?

Foot injuries can have a severe effect on the lives of the victim, especially as a result of hospital treatment and lengthy rehabilitation periods.

Most incidents of foot injuries are caused at the workplace however injuries can occur in many ways with many consequences given that the foot is an important feature for most day to day activities, therefore injury and the lack of use of the foot can lead to stress and inconvenience.

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What causes Foot Injuries?

The common causes of foot injury include:

  • Strain on foot.
  • Slips, Trips and falls causing fracture or injury to foot.
  • Road Traffic Accidents as a driver, passenger or pedestrian.
  • Lifting and carrying heavy objects.
  • Dropping heavy objects.
  • Sports injuries- e.g. Football. Rugby, Continuous Sports.
  • Crushing by a falling object or between two objects.
  • Falling from a great height and landing on your feet.
  • Sharp objects.

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    What causes Foot Injuries at Work?

    Foot Injuries at work can result from many things.

    These may include:

    • Lack of personal protection equipment
    • Sporting injuries at work
    • Ladder accidents
    • Machinery accidents
    • Manual handling accidents
    • Scaffolding accidents
    • Slip, trips and falls
    • Attacks
    • Building site accidents
    • Crane accidents
    • Dangerous practice and procedures
    • Injury on dangerous premises
    • Falling objects
    • Farm accidents
    • Forklift truck accidents
    • Inadequate training

    Identifying the type of injury to the foot you have sustained and in what way it has impacted your ability to perform your daily activities or to earn a living can be significant to the accomplishment of your shoulder injury compensation claim.

    Physiology of Foot Injury

    Burn injuries: Injuries to the skin caused by heat, electricity, radiation or chemicals.

    Tendon injuries: The muscles in the Foot are joined to the bone by Tendons, these are generally caused by a piercing injury and can result in serious functional loss.

    Joint injuries: Dislocations and sprains of the joints in the foot can happen after a sport injury or fall.

    Sprains/ Strain: A sprain is an injury to the tissues neighbouring and supporting a joint.

    Dislocation: This is when the surfaces are no longer connected, thus it is the complete misplacement of the joint surfaces. Symptoms of this include tenderness, swelling, deformity and a decreased range of motion.

    Nerve injuries: These injuries in the ankle or foot can lead to total loss of function in these areas and can take a time to mend.

    Foot Fractures: A fracture is a break in the bone. Fractures in the foot are one of the most common types of foot injuries.Symptoms include: tenderness, swelling, deformity and a decreased range of motion.

    Metatarsal Injury: There are five metatarsal bones, these are the long bones of the midfoot, a fracture to the metatarsal occurs when one of these long bones is broken. This injury can occur from something as simple as twisting your foot when stepping unevenly or may occur from more violent injuries such as a fall, work accident, or car accident that crush the metatarsals.

    Soft tissue injury: Soft tissue injuries are injuries to the ligaments, tendons and fibres that connect the bones.

    Amputations: An amputation is the most serious foot injury which results in the surgical removal of the foot.

    How much could you claim for a Foot Injury?

    Compensation can be claimed for minor wounds such as bruising, cuts and sprains as well as severe injuries such as broken bones, torn ligaments and frost bite, where everyday life of the victim has been affected due to an accident which was not their fault. Money claimed can be put towards medical costs, loss of wages and rehabilitation.

    Claims are judged on the severity of the foot injury:

    Loss of, loss of use of, both feet:

    £100,000 to £125,000

    Loss of, loss of use of, one foot:


    Permanent and serious injury to one foot:


    Serious injury to one foot with moderate ongoing symptoms:


    Broken foot or equivalent with incomplete recovery:


    Broken foot or equivalent with full recovery:


    Every attempt has been made to make all information provided as accurate as possible. The injury claims calculator is intended as a guide only.

    It is important for you to contact us for a full consultation and what you could expect to receive as the amount of compensation you receive may be considerably more as aspects of special damages have yet still to be considered and included in the total amount.

    How to make a claim for injuries sustained to the foot?

    To ensure the best possible outcome in your personal injury claim starting your foot injury compensation claim, contact Grieves Solicitors and speak to one of our personal injury specialists, who will help guide you through the process and strength of your claim and offer advice on the most appropriate course of action for you to take?

    Grieves Solicitors will guide you through every stage of the legal procedure and will keep you informed on the progress of your claim throughout.

    Along with foot injury compensation claims, Grieves Solicitors also handle personal injury compensation claims for injuries to other areas of the body.

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    Grieves Solicitors specialise in dealing with major cases and have helped clients receive up to millions of pounds in compensation, their expertise in this field will enable you to get the best results. Boasting years of practise and triumph, all the members of our team have had many years of specialist training and experience in dealing with personal injury claims.

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