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What can I make a claim for from a Toe Injury?

Toe injuries are extremely common and can sometimes have a severe effect on a victim’s life, a toe injury may seem insignificant however it could damage the balance of the victims body and have long term effects on their health.

Common types of toe injuries include fractures, sprains and even amputations, and can result in a prolonged absence from work and an inability to walk without crutches.

Identifying the type of injury to the foot you have sustained and in what way it has impacted your ability to perform your daily activities or to earn a living can be significant to the accomplishment of your shoulder injury compensation claim. Toes can be injured in many ways, there are several injuries that can occur to the toes, including:

  • Stubs and bruising.
  • Fractured toes.
  • Crushed toe.
  • Amputations.

Fractured Toe: This is one of the most common forms of toe injury and can be caused by a variety of causes such as road traffic accidents, slip, trips and falls and accidents at work such as crushing the toe.

There are different types of fractures such as hairline, simple and displaces fractures, these all differ in severity and effect.

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    Crushed Toe: Crush type injuries can be extremely painful, as well as the toe becoming fractured, these type of injuries also cause damage to the ligaments, soft tissue and the tendons. In some extreme cases the toes may burst or damage inflicted may be so severe that the toes have to be amputated.

    Amputations: In some serious cases where the toe injury is serious it can lead to infections and gangrene, this could spread onto other parts of the body, to prevent this amputations are needed. Amputations can be partial or complete, which means either the full toe has to be removed or part of it. The big toe is seen as the most important, thus if the big toe has to be amputated it is considered to be a serious foot injury, especially in regards to balance and function.

    How much could you claim for your injury?

    If you have been a victim of a toe injury that was caused by someone elses negligence, you may be able to launch a compensation claim. The money rewarded can help to cover medical costs, rehabilitation and loss of earnings.

    Claims for toe injury compensation are based on the severity of the damage:

    Loss of, or loss of use of, all toes:


    Loss of, or loss of use of, one big toe:


    Loss of, or loss of use of, one or more other toes:

    £5,000 to £15,000

    Broken toe with incomplete recovery:


    Broken toe with complete recovery:


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