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How Much Is A Bike Accident Injury Claim Worth?

If you have suffered a bike accident injury from an incident that wasn’t your fault, you should be able to make a claim for fair compensation. For many people, the question then becomes how much their claim could be worth.

If this is the situation you find yourself in, here is the start of what you need to know about how much compensation you could be entitled to.

However, one important point before we start – every claim and incident is unique. The amount you can claim for your accident will vary depending on a wide range of factors. It’s very hard to generalise.

As a rule, the easiest thing to do is to reach out to one of our friendly and supportive solicitors. They have a combined 76 years of experience in helping deserving clients achieve millions in compensation. They can give you free advice about the strength and potential size of your claim.

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“I was initially in two minds whether to go for a claim and had no experience in this area but from the start Helen was extremely helpful and reassuring.  Please pass my thanks on to Nathan, Nadine and Emma too for their great service and support.  I will certainly recommend you guys.  Thanks again Helen, I really appreciate it.”

Check How Much Compensation You Could Receive

With that out of the way, here is some general advice about how much your claim might be worth:

How Do I Know If I Have A Valid Bike Accident Claim?

First of all, it is important to be aware of the circumstances in which you may be able to make a bike accident claim:

  1. Responsibility or liability – this must rest with someone else. This could be another road user (the driver of the car who hit you, for example), the local authority whose job it was to fix that huge pothole, or the company that manufactured your defective helmet.
  2. Show the cause – it will also need to be clear that your injury was caused by the incident in question. It can’t be something unrelated.
  3. Injury and damages – finally, you will need to have medical proof of your injury as well as detailed information about any financial losses it has caused you to suffer.
  4. Offer proof of all the above – there must be sufficient evidence to prove that the person or organisation you believe to be responsible for your injury actually was, that the incident was the cause, and that you were injured as a result.
  5. It was less than three years ago – this is the time limit for making a claim set by the law.

How Do You Get Money From A Bike Accident Injury?

You make a personal injury claim. Most bike accident injury claims are settled out of court. If the evidence is clear, both sets of solicitors – yours and the other party’s – will know what the courts are likely to decide and will seek to avoid the cost and time required to go to court.

To make sure even those who don’t have the funds available to make a claim can do so, Conditional Fee Agreements – colloquially known as “no win, no fee” agreements – can easily be arranged.

In summary, to get money from a bike injury you make a personal injury claim:

  • You don’t normally need to go to court
  • It is usually settled through your solicitor and the other party’s solicitor negotiating
  • In rare situations, if the evidence is unclear your case may go to civil court

How Much Bike Accident Compensation Could I Receive?

The amount of compensation you will receive will be different in every case. It comes down to the severity of your injuries, from minor – the sort of thing that might heal in a few weeks or months – to severe. The latter are the kinds of injuries that may affect the rest of your life.

The Ministry of Justice has set ranges of compensation for all the different kinds of personal injury a person can suffer. This table is extensive.

By way of example, a minor head injury – perhaps a few scrapes and a concussion – may result in around £2000 of compensation. A severe head injury that affects you long-term may result in anywhere up to around £370 000.

On the other hand, a severe back injury could start from around £77 000 compensation and go up to £150 000.

In every case, the best thing to do is talk over your particular story with one of our highly experienced team. There is absolutely no cost or commitment to doing so.

What Other Types Of Damages Could I Claim From A Bike Accident?

It is also worth knowing that as well as what are called “general damages” from the actual injury you have suffered and its effects on your life, you may be able to claim for “special damages”. These take into account the financial impact of your injury, including things like:

  • Lost earnings because you had to take time off work
  • The cost of getting to work using other forms of transport
  • The cost of travelling to medical appointments
  • Any additional care, support, or medical costs you may now have
  • The cost of repairs to your bike

All in all, if you have suffered a bike accident injury from an incident that was not your fault, it is well worth getting in touch with one of our friendly specialists to talk it over.

The sooner you call, the sooner we can advise you about any compensation you might be able to claim. There is no cost or commitment to going any further.

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Here at Grieves Solicitors, Personal Injury Specialists, we offer a no win, no fee solution to funding your claim (a conditional fee agreement) which means that you do not have to worry about legal costs and expenses.  You can read about our no win, no fee agreement here.

Check How Much Compensation You Could Receive
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