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How Does A Bike Accident Lawyer Help Me Claim?

Most people don’t realise that the majority of bicycle accident claims don’t go to court. Instead, it’s effectively a negotiation. This means that if you have suffered an injury from an incident that wasn’t your fault, a bike accident lawyer is exactly who you need to help you make a compensation claim.

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Here is a little more about why this is and why – if you want your claim to be successful and to achieve the maximum compensation you are due from your injuries – specialist accident claim solicitors should be the first people that you talk to.

How To Claim For A Bicycle Accident

To understand why a solicitor is so vital, it’s important to understand how the claims process works:

  1. Gather evidence – you will need to work out how to collect all of the relevant evidence about the incident and where it happened.
  2. Collect witness testimonies – you will also need to ask any and all witnesses to record their statements about what happened.
  3. Get an independent medical examination – this will be a vital piece of evidence in your case. It will consist of an examination of your injuries carried out by a medical expert who is clearly independent.
  4. Negotiate with the other party’s solicitor – your lawyer and the other party’s lawyer (they could represent a driver or the local authority that didn’t maintain the road, for instance) negotiate based on evidence and what their experience tells them the courts would say.
  5. Potentially go to court – although this isn’t required in most bike accident cases, if your claim does go to court you will need someone to represent you.

How Does A Bike Accident Lawyer Help Me Claim?

1) Gather All Evidence And Testimony

The strength of your claim rests on the evidence you can assemble. For most people, this isn’t something they naturally know how to do.

This is especially true for those who have experienced a serious injury. But it’s also common for someone who has been hit by a car when riding a bike to be severely shaken up by the experience.

Often, the last thing you will have the mental space to do is contact a group of strangers to collect witness statements and the like.

There is also the likelihood that many people don’t like to “get involved” in incidents – even ones when they directly witnessed something – unless the person asking them to record their statement is a legal professional.

All evidence gathering is easier, more directed, and more likely to be what you actually need to succeed in your claim if you have a lawyer with experience of bicycle accidents at your side.

2) Negotiate With The Other Party’s Solicitor

This is often the most important part of the claims process. Because most people and most solicitors want to avoid the cost and time required to actually going to court, most bike accident claims are settled out of court.

This is possible because – if you are represented by a highly experienced personal injury lawyer and the other part is too – both sides will know what the weight of the evidence says and what a court is likely to decide.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, it will be down to the solicitors to negotiate what fair compensation looks like. This will be based on their knowledge of past cases and the Ministry of Justice guidelines that lay out the spectrum of compensation amounts a court can award.

This process really calls for an expert who knows the law in detail. Otherwise, you are unlikely to get the full amount of compensation you are due – or even succeed in your claim at all.

It’s also far from uncommon for solicitors trying to defend a client to try to delay the process, not respond to enquiries, and so on. Usually, it requires an expert who knows how to phrase requests and other aspects of negotiation to keep your claims process moving.

3) Represent You In Court

Finally, if negotiations break down – usually because the evidence isn’t clear – you may need to go to civil court to get a ruling on your claim. Again, having a legal expert on your side is vital here.

There are various ways your lawyer will make sure your interaction with the legal system is smooth and as expedited as much as possible. They will also represent you in court on the day, following all of the rules to maximise your chance of success.

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