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What Is An Example Of A Workplace Injury Lawyers Deal With?

Workplace injury lawyers are called in to handle claims for compensation following a huge variety of accidents and incidents in workplaces across the UK.

But what is a good example of a workplace injury that might form the basis for a personal injury claim?

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Let’s explore some of the most common work injuries lawyers represent clients in claims regarding:

The Work Injuries Lawyers Most Commonly Press Claims For

1) Exposure To Harmful Substances Or Environments

Some of the most common types of injuries in the modern workplace are caused by exposure to something dangerous. This can include materials, environmental conditions, and more, such as:

  • Harmful materials like asbestos
  • Electricity and electric shocks
  • Fire, flames, or radiation
  • Extremes of temperature or weather
  • Contagious diseases

Though exposure to some of these might be expected in some workplaces, the key is whether or not your employer made sure that – despite the presence or possible presence of these substances – the work environment you were in was as safe as it could be.

Examples of your employer failing to do this might include when a flame was present but there were no warning signs. Or that you were not trained in how to correctly wear the protective equipment supplied while demolishing a house containing asbestos.

2) Slips, Trips, And Falls

Slips, trips, and falls are responsible for thousands of injuries at work in the UK every year.

You might have fallen through a surface or fallen from a height – perhaps from a ladder or scaffolding or from a higher level or roof. Equally, you might have fallen on the same level or even fallen while sitting down.

This category might also include incidents where a worker managed to stop themselves from slipping or falling but the act of preventing the fall itself caused an injury.

Almost-slips like this can sound relatively innocuous, but like many falls, the injuries caused may be much more serious than the words themselves suggest.

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3) Manual Handling

Handling, lifting, and carrying-related injuries are among the most common types of workplace accidents that result in compensation claims.

As you might expect, this includes carrying, lifting, or pushing heavy or awkward items everywhere from warehouses to farms. But it also includes repetitive strain injuries caused by everything from heavy lifting to sitting largely stationary while operating computer equipment.

4) Contact With Objects

“Contact with objects” is another fairly mild phrase with serious implications.

This category includes everything from equipment crush injuries to vibration injuries to workers bumping into or injured as a result of pressure or friction with all kinds of dangerous objects and machinery.

Another subset of incidents in this category might include moving objects – such as vehicles or suspended loads – hitting a worker.

In all cases, if warning signs were not in place or if the correct training or safety checks were not made, this could be an accident that could result in a successful work injury claim.

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5) Acts Of Violence

Unlike the other causes of injury in the workplace listed here, acts of violence are generally the result of a deliberate action on the part of someone else. This might include:

  • One of your co-workers
  • A client, customer, or member of the public
  • Your manager, supervisor, or the boss of the company

In every case, protecting you from any kind of physical assault will be part of your employer’s responsibility to provide a safe working environment.

This includes handling issues between team members and between their team and the public – especially when issues are known and have not been effectively dealt with, planned for, or mitigated.

Compensation for this and most of the other injury causes listed here can cover both the physical and emotional harm you have suffered from the act in question.

Can I Claim Compensation For My Accident At Work?

In order to be awarded compensation in any workplace injury claim, it needs to be proven that what happened was at least partially the fault of your employer or perhaps a co-worker.

Sometimes, this appears obvious. Perhaps your employer was well aware that a machine was leaking oil and could lead to the slip hazard that caused your injury.

On the other hand, even if you feel at least partly responsible for an injury because only you were involved in the action in question, your employer may have at least partial liability if they failed to train you how to perform that action properly.

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