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Why Injury At Work Solicitors Are Vital For A Successful Claim

Why injury at work solicitors are vital for a successful claim.

If you’ve suffered an injury at work, solicitors who specialise in personal injury claims should be among the first people you speak to.

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it is difficult to know whether you stand a chance of making a successful claim if you don’t understand the relative strength or weakness of your case.

Secondly, the law is complicated. If your case goes to court, there are set procedures to follow. If your case is very strong and your employer admits liability, you might be able to avoid going to court at all.

But if there is a chance your employer might admit responsibility, would you know if their settlement offer was reasonable? Or if you might be entitled to more if you went to court?

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Here is a fuller explanation of why specialist solicitors are always worth talking to following an injury at work:

Do I Need A Solicitor For An Injury Claim?

You aren’t legally required to hire solicitors for an injury at work claim. However, there are several reasons why it is wise to consider professional legal representation in a personal injury case:

1) Get Professional Advice On Your Chance Of Success

Any solicitor you engage to represent you is obliged to act in your best interests. One of the ways they do this is by telling you how likely your claim is to be successful before you make it.

Because if you don’t have legal expertise – and specialist experience in the niche field of personal injury law at that – it can be very hard to judge your odds of success before you start your claim.

This is important to assess as early as possible. If you do choose to press ahead with your case when the odds of success are very low, you potentially open yourself to being in a worse position later on.

2) Complete Pre-Action Protocols And Legal Proceedings

Most people understand that there is some sort of system they need to follow if they are to make a personal injury claim. But it is important to emphasise just how complex and precise this system can be.

For instance, there is a set of what are called “pre-action protocols” that need to be followed before your claim can go to court.

These are standards of conduct and specific actions that need to take place in a certain order. It’s not the kind of thing that most people would know how to do properly.

3) Maximising Your Compensation Amount

Finally, in the combined 76 years that the team at Grieves Solicitors has been helping deserving claimants achieve millions of pounds in compensation for personal injuries, we’ve seen how much of an impact professional representation can make on the scale of that compensation.

For this, it’s important to understand how your workplace injury compensation amount will usually be calculated.

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How Much Compensation For An Injury At Work?

In order to receive compensation for an injury at work, you need to be able to prove that your employer failed in their duty of care to provide a safe environment for you to work in.

Your employer will either need to accept their responsibility or, if your employer contests, you will need to have the courts rule in your favour based on the strength of the case you present.

If your claim is successful, it is good to understand that there is no set amount for how much compensation you can expect. There are “brackets” in a list of legal guidelines and precedents may have been set, but every case is different.

The judge in your case will set your compensation after taking into account factors that include:

  • How severe your injury was
  • Whether you suffered multiple injuries
  • How likely you are to recover in full
  • How much pain and suffering you experienced, both physical and mental
  • Any future loss of earnings or treatment costs

It is easy to imagine how difficult it can be to put a financial value on one serious injury compared with another. Knowledge of precedent and legal guidelines is vital to establish and argue this.

Understanding An Offer Your Employer Makes You

The same knowledge of precedents is vital if your case is strong and your employer (or their lawyer or insurance company) makes you an offer instead of wanting to go to court.

If you wish to receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to from a personal injury claim, professional representation will again show its value.

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How Much Do Injury At Work Solicitors Charge For A Claim?

Many injury at work solicitors represent their clients on what is known as a CFA or Conditional Fee Agreement, sometimes called a no-win, no-fee basis.

At Grieves Solicitors, we certainly do. We also start each discussion with a potential client with simple, straightforward advice about your claim.

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Here at Grieves Solicitors, Personal Injury Specialists, we offer a no win, no fee solution to funding your claim (a conditional fee agreement) which means that you do not have to worry about legal costs and expenses.  You can read about our no win, no fee agreement here.

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