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Does An Accident At Work Lawyer Cover Workplace Assault?

Yes. If you have suffered a workplace assault, talking to an accident at work lawyer should be near the top of your list of actions to take.

Because every person, no matter their job, should expect to be able to go to work and return home safely.

UK law recognises this. It makes your employer responsible for protecting you from all kinds of assaults. If they do not take steps to protect you or minimise the risk you are exposed to, they may be held liable for any injury you suffer.

This injury does not need to be physical. It is equally possible that you may have suffered mentally or emotionally from a verbal assault at work.

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Although most assaults aren’t “accidental”, the process is largely the same as when you consult lawyers for accidents at work. Here is what you need to know:

What Is A Workplace Assault?

The official definition of a workplace assault is “any incident in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work”. This potentially includes:

  • Physical assault – including sexual assault.
  • Verbal abuse – including sexist, racist, and homophobic language.
  • Emotional abuse – regularly threatening to fire you, blackmail, and more.

The person who abused or assaulted you may be a customer or service user, a member of the public, a co-worker, or even your boss.

What Happens If You Are Assaulted At Work?

First of all, you should report any workplace assault to the police. This is an important part of the process and may be referred to later.

In most cases, you should also report the incident to your employer as soon as possible. However, problems can arise if the person who assaulted you holds a position of authority within the organisation.

In all cases, your next step should be to talk to a lawyer who specialises in workplace accidents and assaults. They can advise you even if it was your supervisor or manager who assaulted you.

In the combined 76 years of experience that Grieves Solicitors has in personal injury claims, we haven’t yet come across a case we cannot provide simple, straightforward advice about.

Following a consultation with you, it is likely that the next step your lawyer will want to take is to start an investigation and gather evidence about the incident.

Can I Be Fired For Speaking To An Accident At Work Lawyer?

No. Even though it is a natural and major concern for most people, your employer is not legally allowed to fire you for making a claim about an accident or assault at work or speaking to a solicitor about it.

Furthermore, following any assault or accident at work, any lawyer you speak with will keep all communications private and confidential. This means there is no danger to reaching out to get some FREE legal advice.

In the unlikely event that your employer does try to act against you for making a claim, you are likely to have a good basis for a constructed or unfair dismissal claim against them too.

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Can I Make A Workplace Assault Claim Against My Employer?

UK law makes it clear that, no matter who they are, your employer has a “duty of care” toward you. This means they have to take measures to keep you safe at work – both from accidents and assaults.

Your employer may not have been directly involved in the assault. But this does not mean they are not potentially liable – or at least partially liable – for any injury or abuse you suffered.

For example, there are many situations where your employer may have failed in their duty of care to you by making you work in situations that put you at risk, such as:

  • Not providing sufficient training or equipment – particularly when your work includes regular interactions with difficult or angry service users or customers. Your employer should train you how to use all PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • Working alone or when understaffed – this covers potentially dangerous work such as security, but you might also picture a situation where a store clerk has been left working alone at night despite previous violence from customers.
  • When previous events would indicate a risk – such as when a co-worker has already exhibited verbal or physical violence towards you or if there had been a previous break-in attempt and no security improvements were made.

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How Much Compensation Can I Get For An Assault At Work?

This will vary depending on the injuries you have suffered and the level of responsibility that your employer bears for events.

There are precedents in law that can narrow down the range of compensation. But every case is different and it will likely come down to the courts’ decision in your particular case.

One thing that can make a huge difference in compensation level is choosing solicitors who specialise in personal injury law. They know the relevant legal codes in detail and can put your case forward in the strongest possible terms

At Grieves Solicitors, our niche expertise in personal injury claims means we have achieved millions of pounds of compensation for deserving clients.

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