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Hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) is an industrial disease which mainly affects those working with vibrating power tools. It is a condition which affects the blood vessels and nerves that supply the fingers, and can result in long-lasting symptoms that often leave people unable to work.

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HAVS Causes

In the past, hand arm vibration syndrome was commonly known as vibration white finger (VWF) because of the skin blanching it caused, but as more symptoms connected to the illness were realised, it began to be referred to as what we know it as today.

The condition is most common among those who regularly have to use hand-held power tools in their work. Industries that use vibrating tools include road maintenance, automotive repair, engineering, foundries, mines and quarries. Some examples of tools that can cause the illness include:

  • Drills
  • Saws
  • Sanders
  • Compactors
  • Jackhammers
  • High-pressure hoses
  • Lawnmowers

This list is by no means exhaustive, so if you have symptoms of hand arm vibration syndrome that could have been caused by a tool that is not listed above, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

HAVS Symptoms

The industrial illness affects nerves, blood vessels, joints and muscles in the hands and arms. It can be permanently painful, lead to finger loss and reduce dexterity and grip, which can prevent the sufferer from working if the symptoms are ignored. Symptoms include:

  • A cold sensation in the fingers
  • Numbness in the fingertips
  • Tingling in the fingertips
  • Whitening of the skin on the fingers

These symptoms can affect how you feel things with your fingers and may prevent you from picking up objects. It is important you speak to your GP if you are concerned because if these signs are ignored, the condition can worsen and become permanent.

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If you work in a profession which requires you to regularly use vibrating machinery and you have seen your health deteriorate as a result, Grieves Solicitors can help you make a claim for compensation to cover the cost of rehabilitation, medical costs and loss of earnings.

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