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Elbow Injuries

The elbow is an extremely important joint in the body, as it is used in almost every aspect of a person’s professional or personal life.

An elbow injury can affect your ability to work, participate in sports or do any of the other things you love. A serious elbow injury can require a long period of treatment or therapy, which can have serious financial implications.

Due to this, your personal injury claim should also include compensation for any of the financial losses you experience as a result of the injury to your elbow, it will also cover the pain and suffering which you endured as a result.

While getting compensation for your injuries will not disregard the inconvenience, pain and suffering which a severe injury would have caused, it can offer you some financial security and support you to move forward. Injuries to the elbow are typically categorised as moderate as they tend to heal over time and usually do not have any permanent effects.

What Causes an elbow injury?

The cause of most elbow dislocations is usually a fall, most commonly with the arm extended completely. However, any traumatic injury (such as a car crash or fall skiing) can result in an elbow dislocation.

What can cause an elbow Injury at Work?

Injuries at work can result from many things including:

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    • Ladder accidents
    • Machinery accidents
    • Manual handling accidents
    • Office accidents
    • Scaffolding accidents
    • Slip, trips and falls
    • Attacks
    • Building site accidents
    • Crane accidents
    • Dangerous practice and procedures
    • Injury on dangerous premises
    • Falling objects
    • Farm/ agricultural accidents
    • Forklift truck accidents
    • Inadequate training
    • Lack of personal protection equipment

    Distinguishing the type of injury you have sustained and in what way it has affected your ability to perform your daily activities or earn a living can be significant to the success of your arm injury compensation claim.

    What injuries have you sustained to your elbow?

    Over the years, we have handled claims for a range of elbow injuries, including:

    Dislocated Elbow: This happens when the bones of the forearm shift out of place. Although most elbow dislocations are usually the result of a fall, any traumatic injury can result in an elbow dislocation.

    Damaged ulnar collateral ligament: This injury can range from a strain to a complete split and could take anything from a few days to over a year to heal.

    Bursitis: An injury which is caused by hitting your elbow which can lead to major swelling.

    Muscle strain: Where the biceps, triceps, extensors or forearm flexors are injured.

    Fractured elbow: Elbow fractures are usually caused by direct impact, a fall or a twisting injury.

    How much could you claim?

    A claim for an elbow injury can only be made if the accident wasn’t your fault; any compensation awarded can be used to cover the cost of medical bills, loss of earnings and rehabilitation.

    Claims for compensation are based upon the severity and recovery time of the elbow injury:

    Major elbow trauma requiring lengthy recuperation after surgery and with ongoing residual symptoms:


    Major elbow trauma requiring lengthy recuperation after surgery but with complete or near complete recovery:


    Lesser elbow injuries, e.g. fractures, with complete or near complete recovery after a few years:


    Lesser elbow injuries, e.g. fractures which recover over weeks/months:

    £500 to £5,000

    If you, a family member, or friend, have been the victim of an elbow injury and you are in need of legal advice, get in touch with Grieves Solicitors today.

    The types of compensation you are entitled to

    There are 2 types of compensation you can claim for:

    • General damages- Pain and suffering of the injury: An injury to the arm or elbow can lead to the victim experiencing pain and suffering.
    • Special damages- Financial losses and expenses: Financial losses can include income which is lost i.e. any time off work.

    How to make an elbow Injury Claim with Grieves Solicitors

    Professional analysis of the situation forms the basis of your claim, one of our solicitors will arrange a medical examination as part of your claim process.

    From the beginning of your claim, our team will work with you, your family and the medical team to ensure the earliest form of recovery and compensation available.

    Before starting your personal injury compensation claim, contact Grieves Solicitors and speak to one of our personal injury specialists.

    Grieves Solicitors have specialised in dealing with personal injury claims and have built up 20 years of specialist experience.

    Over 98% of our clients have rated our service as excellent or good, as well as 98% whom stated they would use us again or would recommend us to family or friends.

    Along with elbow injury compensation claims, we also handle personal injury compensation claims for injuries to other areas of the body.

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    If you, a family member, or friend, have been the victim of an elbow injury and you are in need of legal advice, get in touch with Grieves Solicitors today. Call us on 0800 0747 644 or fill in our claim form and our team will get back to you.

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