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Of all personal injury claims made following injuries caused by animals, dog bites are the most common. The specialists at Grieves Solicitors can provide legal advice regarding the potential of your personal injury claim because an animal has injured you and should you choose to pursue a claim for financial compensation, will provide guidance and support, helping you claim the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.  Unfortunately we do not deal with claims where something or somebody has injured your animal. .

For more information and advice on your personal injury claim in relation to UK dog bite law, call Huddersfield’s Grieves Solicitors free on 0800 0747 644 or complete our contact form. We will consider your claim and if we think your claim has will be successful, we may be able to offer you a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement (conditional fee agreement).

Making a Dog Bite Compensation Claim

Many people do not realise that they are able to claim financial compensation for injuries caused by the negligence of others. If you were attacked by a dog classified as dangerous under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, or your injury occurred as a direct result of the negligence of the dog’s owner it is highly likely you will be able to claim financial compensation.

Under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, ˜specially controlled breeds must be registered, neutered and micro-chipped. Currently pit bull terriers, Japanese tosas, Argentine dogos and Brazilian mastiffs are subject to micro-chipping; if the attack you suffered involved one of these breeds, contact a specialist solicitor as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, no matter how much legislation the government introduces, the law cannot account for the reckless and negligent actions of dog owners.  Unfortunately, we do not deal with injuries to the animal itself by other animals or claims against vets.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

Injuries that typically lead to compensation claims include:

  • abrasions and lacerations;
  • tissue loss and avulsion;
  • crush injuries, fractured bones, sprain injuries and scars;
  • infections such as cellulitis and, very rarely, rabies;
  • psychological injuries.

Whatever the nature of your injury, contact the law experts at Grieves Solicitors to find out if you have a valid claim for financial compensation.

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If you would like more information dog bite law in relaton to a personal injury you have sustained, the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 or you would like to speak to an experienced personal injury solicitor regarding a potential claim for persosonal injury caused by a dog attack,  call us free on 0800 0747 644 or complete our contact form and we will get back to you.

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