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Bladder damage

The bladder is used to store urine, a vital function for the body thus if it is damaged, it can have a serious impact on how you go about living your life. Injuries to this organ can be caused in the workplace, through medical negligence, or as the result of an accident.

Common examples of bladder injury include

  • Damage during surgery.
  • Tears, cuts and bruises.
  • Blunt trauma.
  • Penetrating wounds.

What is a traumatic bladder injury?

The bladder has efficiently a one way regulator system allowing urine to enter and fill, as the bladder fills it becomes inflated. A full bladder is more inclined to injury in a trauma with a sharp object, such as in a road traffic accident.

Traumatic injury could also include a serious injury, such as a ruptured bladder.

What is a prolapsed bladder injury?

Women can be disposed to a problem recognised as a prolapsed bladder, this is when the front wall of the vagina provides support to the bladder.

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    This can become weak with extreme force or stress such as heavy lifting or even natural causes, such as childbirth.

    A prolapse is when the bladder may no longer be supported and can drop into the vagina.

    A prolapsed bladder can be instigated through cases such as childbirth (clinical negligence) and through extreme exertions (such as heavy lifting at work).

    How much could you claim for damage to the bladder?

    Those who have suffered a bladder injury through an incident that was not their fault could be entitled to make a claim for a financial pay-out. Compensation awarded can cover the pain and suffering of the injury, as well as cost of medical bills, loss of earnings and rehabilitation.

    Claims are based on the severity of the ailment and the effect on the victim’s life:

    Total loss or total loss of functional use of bladder:

    up to £75,000

    Permanent and serious bladder problems:

    up to £40,000

    Temporary, but serious bladder problems:

    £5,000 to £15,000

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