Genital Organ Injury Claims & Compensation for Injuries Leading to Loss of Sexual Function or Libido

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Reproductive organ damage

The importance of reproductive organs is understandable, and any related injury can have very serious consequences, especially if it results in a person no longer being able to reproduce. There are clear differences here for men and women, however the impact of suffering a genital injury can be significant for both, and cause further damage and effects, including psychological, stress and grief.

How much could you claim?

If you have suffered injury to your reproductive organs and it was the fault of another, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. The amount you can claim for will depend on the type of injury sustained and its implications. For men, a genital injury may lead to total impotence and loss of sexual function, for example, while for women it might result in infertility.

Typical compensation amounts for injuries of this nature include:

Loss of or loss of function of sex organs: Anything from approximately

(depending on the age of the victim, ongoing symptoms, scars, and, most particularly, the likelihood of the loss of parenthood or of having further children.)

£15,000 to approximately £125,000

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    The types of compensation you are entitled to in a personal injury claim

    There are two types of compensation available to you in a personal injury claim, If you have had an injury or damage to your reproductive organs you will be able to access damages of two sorts, the first for the pain and suffering of the injury (General damages), this is for the pain and grief which you have endured for which there is right of compensation. The second sort covers any financial losses and expenses which the victim has endured (Special damages), this can include income which is lost for the time taken off work, medical expenses, travel expenses etc.

    The Grieves Solicitors compensation calculator only covers amounts of general damages, thus the amount of compensation you receive for your injuries may be more as aspects of special damages have yet still to be considered. Therefore it is important for you to contact Grieves Solicitors for a full consultation and what you could expect to receive and more.

    Loss of reproductive organ claims with Grieves Solicitors

    Grieves Solicitors was established by Helen Grieves in 1997, all members of the team have had many years of specialist experience and training in dealing with personal injury claims. We understand that making a claim may seem overwhelming at first but we are happy to talk over any queries or concerns you may have about bringing forward a compensation claim.

    If you, a family member or friend, have suffered an injury and require legal advice, get in touch with one of our personal injury solicitors today. You can contact Grieves Solicitors and a member of our team, an experienced specialist will discuss your prospect of claiming for your injuries. Our team of personal injury and of medical negligence solicitors are specialists in dealing with personal injury compensation claims. We boast over 20 years’ experience of handling claims and cases involving victims who have experienced internal injuries, ensuring you are provided the best care and guidance possible to win your case.

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    To make a claim for compensation relating to genital injury, speak to one of our expert solicitors today. Either call us on 0800 0747 644 or fill in the contact form on this page and one of our team will get back to you.

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