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Back Injuries

Many people will suffer from the effects of a back injury in their life, as they are caused by a wide variety of accidents or incidents.

The most severe cases of back injury can lead to complications such as paralysis and double incontinence. Some of the most common causes of back injuries include:

Serious injuries to the back can leave victims with lasting damage to the body, this may also lead to them having to deal with physical problems with their movement, comfort and posture. This can also put a huge strain on a person’s work, quality of life and even relationships.

Hence why you should choose a specialist personal injury solicitor who is experienced in dealing with personal injury claims. One that will build the strongest possible case for you on your behalf and secure the maximum level of compensation for you or a loved one.

Injuries to the back can occasionally lead to extensive time periods off of work, and this can have a big impact on the victim financially, psychologically and physically.

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    What are the causes of Back Injuries?

    Back injuries can take place in many different environments, such as the workplace, on the road or even from leisure activities. The common causes of back injury include:

    • Road Traffic Accidents– Impact with collision, whiplash
    • Uncomfortable furniture.
    • Sports Injuries- e.g. Football, Rugby and Gymnastics.
    • Slips, Trips and fall causing injury to the back.
    • Attacks or fights causing injuries to the back.
    • Lifting and carrying heavy objects.

    What causes Back Injuries at Work?

    Back Injuries at work can result from many things including:

    • Uncomfortable office furniture
    • Strains
    • Lifting and carrying heavy objects
    • Sports injuries- e.g. Tennis, Football. Rugby, Cricket, Boxing.
    • Assaults
    • Building site accidents
    • Crane accidents
    • Dangerous practice and procedures
    • Injury on dangerous premises
    • Falling objects
    • Farm accidents
    • Forklift truck accidents
    • Inadequate training
    • Lack of personal protection equipment
    • Ladder accidents
    • Machinery accidents
    • Manual handling accidents
    • Office accidents
    • Scaffolding accidents
    • Slip, trips and falls

    Physiology of Back Injury

    Whiplash: Whiplash suggests indications following an injury where the head is thrown first into hyperextension and then forward quickly. This is most often due to road traffic accidents but can also be caused by sports injuries or falls.

    Paralysis: Paralysis can involve the total or partial loss of body function, and may severely impact on a victim’s life. It can be caused when the body sustains a serious injury damaging the spinal cord, brain or nerves. Common causes of paralysis include:

    Nerve Damage: Nerves are extremely important in ensuring the body functions properly. They are responsible for controlling sensitivity and sensation throughout the body, and any damage suffered can have serious consequences. This might involve loss of or an enhancement of sensation, including significantly increased pain

    Skin Burns or Skin Injury Claims: Skin conditions and injuries can sometimes have a severe impact on a victim’s life, leaving them feeling depressed and anxious. Most victims suffer skin conditions through exposure to chemicals at work or in a public place.

    Common skin injuries include:

    • Dermatitis (or eczema)
    • Rashes
    • Itching
    • Cracked skin
    • Burns

    Knowing the form of back injury you have sustained and in what way it has affected you, your ability to perform your daily activities or to earn a living can be significant to the accomplishment of your compensation claim.

    How much could I claim for Back Injury?

    Compensation can be claimed for accidents that were caused by somebody else’s negligence for all types of back injuries. A claim can be made to cover the cost of the pain and suffering, loss of earnings, medical bills and rehabilitation as well as structural changes to accommodation.

    Claims for compensation are judged upon the severity of the injury and recovery time:

    Severe injury depending on the severity, recovery time, age of victim and residual use/disability:

    up to £10,000

    Minor injury depending on the severity, recovery time, age of victim and residual use/disability:

    from £500

    Permanent back injury that does not prevent a fairly normal life:


    Which compensation are you entitled to?

    There are two types of compensation that you can expect to receive in a claim:

    • General damages- Pain and suffering of the injury.
    • Special damages- Financial losses and expenses.

    The Grieves Solicitor compensation calculator includes the amount you could expect to receive for general damages, thus the overall compensation you receive may be more as special damages have yet still to be measured, this will depend on a range of factors, from medical and travel expenses to time off work, which you can also claim for as well as for the pain and suffering you have endured. It is important for you to contact us for a full consultation and what you could expect to receive.

    Why you should choose Grieves Solicitors

    We are specialised in dealing specifically with personal injury claims and have built up 20 years of specialist experience and knowledge, Grieves Solicitors will guide you through every stage of your claim and will keep you informed on the progress throughout. With our friendly and approachable staff you will always have someone on hand to contact and talk through any queries or concerns which you may have.

    Along with back injury compensation claims, Grieves Solicitors also handle personal injury compensation claims for injuries to other areas of the body. The Principal, Helen Grieves has been re-accredited three times with membership of the Law Society Personal Injury Panel which is the quality mark for lawyers working in personal injury. She has also been re- accredited three times as a senior litigator member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. Our team has a range of skilled and specialist solicitors who will be able to win you the justice you deserve for your injury and allow you to start rebuilding your life after an accident.

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