Cyclist Accident Claim Leeds: Case study

What happened in Mr D’s bike accident?

Mr D is from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

He instructed Grieves Solicitors to deal with a bike accident claim following a road traffic.Mr D was a riding his bike along Leeds Road in the direction of Mirfield, West Yorkshire in the cycle lane.The driver of a car travelling in the opposite direction turned right across his path to go to a fast food restaurant.

Mr Dwas wearing a cycling helmet and was travelling at approximately 10 mph.He was given no opportunity to break to avoid the collision as his opponent driver, who later stated he simply had not seen Mr D, pulled across the road directly in front of him.

Mr D was knocked off his bike at the scene and suffered a number of soft tissue trauma injuries sustained during the accident including an impact to the right shoulder pain and also the right buttock.He was unable to get up for 20 minutes at the scene of the accident where Paramedics attended to him.

Mr Dalso experienced anxiety and apprehension. This has limited Mr D who hasavoided road cycling. The shoulder problems have persisted.

How was Mr D affected by his injuries?

Mr D needed an MRI scan, injections and physio to assist his recovery. Mr D also experienced anxiety and apprehension. This has limited Mr D who has avoided road cycling. The shoulder problems have persisted.

Why did he choose Grieves Solicitors to help him make his claim?

Mr D was recommended to us by another local firm of Solicitors who do not deal with personal injury work as we are personal injury specialists in bike accident claims.

Were there any unique challenges with this case?

In his first report, the medico-legal expert, recommended that Mr D needed treatment to aid his recovery in the form of a steroid injection into his shoulder which meant that he had to have a further medical report once this has been done.This meant that his injury could not be valued and his case settled until the final position with the recovery of his injury was known.

Mr D received a five-figure compensation pay-out and was happy with the successful conclusion of his claim giving us an overall excellent for quality, delivery, responsiveness, legal knowledge and expertise, staff contact, professionalism